4 Patterns that Prove You Should Know How to Crochet Cables

Strands of crocheted post stitches step around and behind each other in an elegant dance. The steps create the swirls of a cable stitch crochet. Crochet cables are seeing increasing popularity and ingenuity in crochet patterns. From bags and hats to socks and garments, the unique texture of crocheted cables is highlighted as both an embellishment as well as an entire fabric.

In this free eBook, we have gathered an introduction to post stitches, the most common method of creating crochet cables, as well as four tips to make cables crisper and easier to create. Learn how to Front Post double crochet (FPdc) and Back Post double crochet (BPdc) in order to build the stunning three-dimensional crochet cables. Four crochet cable patterns include basic patterns to introduce you to cables and more complex designs using intricate cables.

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Learn how to crochet cables and create modern garments and accessories with this helpful free eBook. You quickly fall in love with the swirling texture of the crochet cable stitch and the beautiful cable crochet patterns. Download this free guide and start crocheting beautifully textured cables.

Crochet Cables Article: How to Crochet Post Stitches

Article #1

Post Stitches

Learn how to create the deceptively easy Front Post double crochet (FPdc) and Back Post double crochet (BPdc) stitches necessary for the following cable stitch patterns. These stitches are easily created by shifting where the hook is inserted. Once you have mastered these three-dimensional stitches take the next step and use them to build innovative crochet cables.

How to Crochet Cables: 4 Tips for Crocheting Cables

Article #2

Tips for Crocheting Cables

Learn How to Crochet Cables with Four Tips will teach you all of the tips and tricks for creating the perfect crochet cables, including how to minimize gaps and work behind stitches to create a tight cable. These four tips on how to crochet cables will help you create a stunning cable crochet project.

Bag with Crochet Cables: Flower and Vines Bag by Melissa Mitchell

Pattern #1

Flower and Vines Bag by Melissa Mitchell

This beautiful crocheted cable bag is the perfect introduction to the simple crochet cable. Two easy crocheted cables are worked on each side of this elegant and sturdy bag. Flowers embellishing a stitched trellis add the finishing touch to this cabled bag.

Crochet Cable Pattern: Hiking Socks by Kim Kotary

Pattern #2

Hiking Socks by Kim Kotary

A pair of crochet cable socks are the perfect option for a cold evening. Thick feet make these socks incredibly warm and mean your socks will survive plenty of wear and tear. The unique construction of the cuffs provides an additional option for creating crochet cables. Test your crochet skills with more difficult stitches including Front Post treble crochet (FPtr), Front Post double crochet (FPdc), and many more!

Crochet Cable Hat: Stone Path Hat by Lisa Naskrent

Pattern #3

Stone Path Hat by Lisa Naskrent

This cable hat pattern uses two different types of crochet cables, one that creates an infinite figure eight and a second more solid cable, but all of the shaping is worked in the single crochet stitches between the cables. This pattern includes a stitch diagram, so you can see the construction of cables as they are formed. The final product is a fashionable crochet cable hat perfect for those cold winter days.

Crochet Cable Vest: Big Thompson Vest by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby

Pattern #4

Big Thompson Vest by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby

This cabled vest is a stylish option for men and women. Front Post treble crochet (FPtr) sticthes are worked in a bold cable across front and back. A tall ribbed collar can be folded down or zipped up for extra warmth. This gorgeous crochet cabled vest is the perfect layer for a day outside.

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Cables are easy, and you’ll learn how to crochet cables by starting with crochet post stitches. Crochet front post and crochet back post stitches are the most common method of creating crochet cables, and this simple stitch is merely a matter of where you place the hook. Jump into an easy crochet cable pattern with a simple bag or a fun pair of hiking socks.

Then apply your crochet cable skills to garments and create more intricate cable designs. Full-color stitch diagrams are immensely helpful as you navigate the way post stitches interact to create crochet cables. Learn how to crochet cable stitch patterns with this comprehensive free eBook.

This great pattern uses post stitches such as front post treble crochet to create cables.