A Crocheter’s Handy Guide to Top Crochet Embellishment Techniques

Learn How to Cross-Stitch on Crochet and Other Techniques for Embellishing Crochet

Need to add the final touch to a crochet item? From borders, to flower motifs, and even cross-stitch on crochet, there are many avenues to explore when adding crochet embellishments.

This free collection of crochet embellishment patterns celebrates just a few of the many diverse techniques available to the modern crocheter. You’ll get a quick and easy bag pattern made even more functional with the addition of straps, buttons, and a quick access front pocket. Then, whip up a pair of mittens worked in Tunisian simple stitch and learn how to embroider on crochet using cross-stitch techniques. Practice cross-stitch on crochet with yet another pattern, a barrel-shaped bag based on traditional cross-stitch designs from the Ukraine. Next, dive into a tutorial on making simple crochet flower motifs and vines, then placing them on a crocheted bag. Finally, try a simple yet stunning lace edging, the perfect crochet border for any handmade garment or accessory.

Once you get started with these simple crochet embellishment techniques you’ll be ready to start adding a one-of-a-kind touch to every project. Download the entire collection of crochet edging ideas to start exploring today.

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Download your five free crochet embellishment patterns eBook!
From motifs to cross-stitch, this free collection of crochet embellishments has it all!

Download the entire collection of crochet embellishment patterns and techniques for free!

Whether a handmade item is a gift for you or for a loved one, adding little finishing touches can take it from completed to FINISHED. This free collection of crochet embellishment patterns is perfect for any crocheter looking for a variety of embellishing ideas to keep close by. Learn how to cross-stitch on crochet with two bag tutorials, or how to add useful features, such as straps and buttons, to bags. Try a crochet lace edging, and get the pattern for a simple crochet flower motif you can use to embellish anything. Explore each technique individually, or combine them for even more unique crochet embellishments. Download the entire free collection to get started today!

Bag Pattern with Crochet Embellishments: Helping Hand Walker Bag

#1: Bag Pattern with Crochet Embellishments

Helping Hand Walker Bag by Sarah Read

Worked in modern colors, this bag is sporty as well as sturdy enough to carry essentials from place to place. Easy-to-handle toggle buttons fasten the straps to the bar of a walker or handle of a wheelchair. Worked in rows of single crochet, this easy project is a great stash-buster and perfect for beginning crocheters and groups looking for a community-supported project.

Gloves Pattern with Cross-Stitch Crochet Embroidery: Blueberry Cobbler Mittens

#2: Gloves Pattern with Cross-Stitch Crochet Embroidery

Blueberry Cobbler Mittens by Toni Rexroat

Tunisian simple stitch is shaped into toasty mittens in this design. After working up the mitts, you’ll learn how to cross-stitch on crochet by simply working in the grid of the Tunisian stitch. You’ll love adding this wonderful finishing touch to many crochet projects.

Bag Pattern with Cross-Stitch Crochet Embroidery: Ukrainian Cross-Stitch Bag

#3: Bag Pattern with Cross-Stitch Crochet Embroidery

Ukrainian Cross-Stitch Bag by Alexandra Lockhart

Tunisian simple stitch forms a grid that lends itself perfectly to cross-stitch. Alexandra designed this bag after being inspired by the traditional cross-stitch patterns on towels and shirts during her first visit to the Ukraine. Plastic canvas provides the structure needed for the barrel-shaped bag and crochet cross-stitch adds colorful dimension to the finished project.

Bag Pattern with Simple Crochet Flower Motifs: Flower and Vines Bag

#4: Bag Pattern with Simple Crochet Flower Motifs

Flower and Vines Bag by Melissa Mitchell

Inspired by flower vines growing up a chain-link fence in late summer, this pretty and sturdy bag holds all you need for a day out or an evening of fun. For those who haven’t yet made crochet cables or added crochet embellishment, this bag is a good project to learn on.

Lace Border: Design 12 - Lace Flowers

#5: Crochet Border Pattern

Design 12 – Lace Flowers Designed by Midori Nishida Created by Yurie Yura

Crochet borders add elegance to this project with the addition of red beads to accentuate an otherwise gold motif. The piece combines a thick lace yarn crochet edging with round beads to smoothly blend into the soft fabric of a stole or other garment.

What are you waiting for? Download your free eBook of crochet embellishments today!

From tips on how to embroider on crochet using cross-stitch, to a simple crochet flower motif, this eBook has everything you need to get started embellishing your crochet.

Start simple with the Helping Hand Walker Bag, to learn how to add straps, buttons, and a front pocket (complete with cross-stitch and buttons) as embellishments to a bag pattern. Next, take a look at the Ukrainian Cross-stitch Bag for a lesson on crochet cross-stitch designs following traditional Ukrainian patterns. Practice crochet embroidery with the Blueberry Cobbler Mittens, another project that will have you loving cross-stitch on crochet. Then, take simple crochet flower motifs and vines to the next level by sewing them to a simple bag with the Flower and Vines Bag pattern. Finally, start creating crochet borders for all your projects with Lace Flowers. Don’t delay; download all five crochet embroidery and embellishment ideas for free today!

Included in this free eBook is a stunning crochet lace edging, flower motifs, and crochet embroidery tips to add to your collection today.