4 Clever Crochet Mitten Patterns from Lacy to Winter-Worthy

Designs for Crochet Fingerless Gloves, Felted Mittens and Other Mitten Patterns

As the temperatures start to dip, here at Crochet Me we can’t help but have mittens on the brain. So we decided to put together a collection of crochet fingerless gloves and mitten patterns that ensure your hands will stay warm all year. This free eBook offers a wide selection of free crochet mitten patterns, including a gorgeous pair of lacy fingerless gloves for warm days.

You will find easy crochet mittens to whip up in a few evenings and thick thrummed or felted mittens for those days when the thermometer drops. Lacy fingerless gloves are ideal for any season, and these mitts are easily modified for a variety of occasions. Download these four free fingerless gloves and mitten patterns today!

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Do you need a pair of thick winter mittens to keep your hands toasty warm? Or have you been searching for a pair of felted mittens to keep your hands dry during hours of playing in the snow? Perhaps you simply need a fun warm weather accessory. With this eBook you’re sure to find one or more of these free mitten patterns to fit your hand needs.

Easy Crochet Mittens Pattern: Fetching Dog Mittens

#1: Easy Crochet Mittens Pattern

Fetching Dog Mittens by Judith L. Swartz

Simple single crochet creates these stunning easy crochet mittens. The adorable dog bone that embellishes the pocket flap on the back of the mittens is cross-stitched after the mittens are finished, making it easy to replace this simple design with your favorite silhouette. Available in three sizes, you can quickly crochet personalized crocheted mittens for everyone on your list.

Thrummed Crochet Mitten Pattern: Thrummed Mittens

#2: Thrummed Crochet Mitten Pattern

Thrummed Mittens by Marlaina Bird

Looking for an incredible crochet mitten pattern? These luxuriously thick mittens use thrumming, a technique whereby a section of unspun wool is secured to stitches as they are worked, to create an incredibly warm lining. As the mittens are worn, the unspun wool felts into a thick barrier against the cold. The thrumming also creates a fun pattern on the outside of the crochet mittens.

Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern: Supremely Lacy Mitts

#3: Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Supremely Lacy Mitts by Natasha Robarge

Learn how to crochet fingerless gloves with these fun lace mitts. Crochet ruffles and an openwork double crochet and chain stitch pattern create fingerless gloves that are comfortable on a warm summer’s day or a chilly spring evening. For a slightly more elegant pair of crochet fingerless gloves, try working the lace pattern without the contrasting ruffles.

Crochet Mitten Pattern: Spring Fever Mittens

#4: Crochet Mitten Pattern

Spring Fever Mittens by Julia Vaconsin

Perfect for the beginning crocheter, this felted mitten pattern will obscure uneven stitches in the felting process. Try working these felted mittens in a variety of colors for a unique gift for all your friends and family. Once the base glove is ready, you’ll have fun exploring different embellishment options. The felted flowers and bobbles shown here are perfect for any girl, but you can play with polka dots, cars, and any other shape you can imagine. This felted mitten pattern is also a fabulous way to use up extra stash yarn.

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Crochet mitten patterns are the perfect accessory to help you learn a new crochet technique. Play with colorwork and cross-stitch embellishments with the charming Fetching Dog Mittens. Discover how to crochet fingerless gloves with the Supremely Lacy Mitts to create a perfect year-round accessory. Learn how to crochet mittens with the easy Spring Fever Mittens. These multi-sized crocheted mittens are felted, ideal for practicing stitches without having to worry about uneven stitches or small errors (felting will hide them all). Finally, combat the extreme cold of winter with the Thrummed Mittens, you won’t believe how warm thrumming make them. Download these free crochet patterns today and learn a new crochet technique this winter.

Learn how to crochet mittens, including this beautiful thrummed mitten pattern.