5 Beautiful and Sophisticated Crochet Shawl Patterns

Inspiring designs for a lace shawl, Irish crochet shawl, prayer shawl and more!

Crochet shawls are one of the most beautiful ways to show off the versatility and beauty of crochet stitches. Start with the easy crochet shawl featuring long chain and solo crochet stitches, a pattern that every crocheter can complete. The next pattern is a modern take on traditional Irish lace shawls, with delicate flowers and beautiful shell-stitched panels. The third pattern in this collection is so easy that it can be completed in an afternoon! The fun and unusual crochet bands in the next shawl make for a wonderfully unique gift for yourself or a loved one. Then, drawing on the traditions of crochet prayer shawls, our final pattern features a meditative trinity stitch pattern so you can crochet well-wishes and compassion into the prayer shawl.

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Discover the joy of crochet shawls with this collection of free crochet shawl patterns from Crochet Me. Free to download today!
Create a beautiful crochet shawl today with designs for a lace shawl, Irish crochet shawl, prayer shawl and more.

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Crocheters of all skill levels are sure to love these stunning shawl patterns to crochet. Each stylish design is as fun to wear as it is to create, and the best part is they are completely free! Once you get started you’ll discover why shawls are so much fun to make, and why they are addicting to so many of us.

Free Crochet Shawl Pattern: Sprout Chains Shawlette

Pattern #1

Sprout Chains Shawlette by Kristin Omdahl from Crochet So Fine

This easy crochet shawl features long chain and solo single crochet stitch patterns for an easy to memorize design. The fringe border is easy to make because the flowers are worked right into the border, even though they look like they were crocheted as separate motifs. The best part about this pattern is that it is truly relaxing and quick; you could work up this simple design in a flash to add to your wardrobe or to give as a shawl to a friend in need.

Irish Crochet Shawl Pattern: Flowers for Eryn Wrap

Pattern #2

Flowers for Eryn Wrap by Tracy St. John

This beautiful Irish shawl was inspired by Tracy’s love of recycling vintage techniques as fresh concepts. The traditionally delicate Irish crochet paired with a robust, slightly fuzzy yarn results in a classic update of this timeless technique. The floral motifs at the center and ends of the lace shawl are set off beautifully by the simplicity of the shell-stitched panels and mesh borders. The length of the wrap is easily adjusted for the just right size shawl. Fall in love with the flowers with this free crochet shawl pattern.

Easy Crochet Shawl Pattern: Waffle Lattice Shawl

Pattern #3

Waffle Lattice Shawl by Elin Nybø

Composed of nothing but crochet chains attached in a lattice pattern, this easy crochet shawl pattern can be completed in an afternoon. The pattern is worked from base to mesh, finished with slip stitches, then lightly felted for a fuzzy texture. This light and airy design would also be a wonderfully simplistic pattern for prayer shawls. You’ll love experimenting with creative ways to wear this striking design.

Lace Shawl Patterns to Crochet: Chanson En Crochet

Pattern #4

Chanson En Crochet By Mari Lynn Patrick from Wrap Style

Mari began this dainty shawl with a simple crochet chain, forming the neck edge. Adding some fun and unusual crochet stitches in bands give the lace a graceful form. Each stitch is clearly explained so more novice crocheters aren’t intimidated by the changing stitches. The increases that shape the lace shawl are worked as an integral part of each stitch pattern, so the circumference grows with each pattern band. A row of picots around the neck and lower edgings and a vintage button add the finishing touches to this beautiful shawl.

Free Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns: Crochet a Hug

Pattern #5

Crochet a Hug by Marcy Smith

Drawing on the tradition of crochet prayer shawl patterns, this lace design features a meditative stitch pattern based on a trinity count. Simple and easy, this shawl can be worked as a solid color or with striping as featured in the original project. Its bulkiness allows you to work it up fast, for folks in need of immediate comfort. This pattern can also be easily sized up for an afghan, or down for a scarf, making it the perfect versatile pattern to keep around.

Enjoy your free crochet patterns, shawls for all are just a click away!

If you’ve never crocheted a shawl then you have been missing out on some of the most fun crochet patterns around. Often some of the simplest combinations of stitches come together for a crocheted masterpiece that you will love showing off! We love shawls because they literally wrap you in crochet love. They are perfect for transitional times of year or can be the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe. Some shawl patterns are light and airy, some are dense and decadent, but they all make a great canvas for beautiful stitch work.

In this free collection from Crochet Me, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite free crochet shawl patterns to crochet to offer you. The easy shawls in this collection are perfect for more novice crocheters to practice tension, stitch combinations, and following patterns. The Irish and lace shawls we’ve included are perfect when you’re looking for more of a challenge or a special gift. Whether you choose to make all five or have a special favorite, this collection of shawl crochet patterns is sure to be one you turn to again and again. Best of all, it’s absolutely free to download!

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