Simple Crochet Patterns from Crochet Me: 5 Free Easy Crochet Patterns

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One of the many joys of crochet is the variety of patterns available for everything from home décor to accessories. Sometimes, when we need a break from a more complicated pattern or just want to solidify basic skills, we just need a few quick crochet projects to choose from. That's exactly why we selected these five easy crocheting patterns to offer you for free.

In this collection, we've included patterns for a country rug, simple shrug, crocheted bracelet, linen belt, and organic cotton washcloth, perfect for crocheters of all abilities. Simple crochet patterns are wonderful for traveling or while you are on-the-go, for keeping your hands busy while chatting with friends, and are great for easy gift giving. Whether you are looking for one-skein crochet patterns, an effortless accessory, home décor item, or gift; you will find the perfect pattern in this free collection of 5 Free Easy Crochet Patterns. Download your copy to get started today!

Discover the simpler side of crochet with these five free easy crochet patterns from Crochet Me. Free to download today!

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Simple Crochet Patterns: 5 Free Easy Crochet Patterns

Are you new to the wonderful world of crocheting? Or, are you just looking for free patterns for crochet that can be finished quickly? Well you've come to the right place! Beginners and advanced crocheters alike will appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the five free simple crochet patterns in this collection from Crochet Me. Start with the Country Rug, an easy crochet pattern made of spiraling single crochet that combines soft alpaca and a colorful design for eye-catching home décor. Perfect for beginners, the one-size fits all Hook & Weave Shrug is made with warm and luscious alpaca, and includes easy crochet instructions for single, double, and treble stitches. Next, add some sparkle to your accessories with the first of our one-skein crochet projects: the Yellow Leaf Bracelet. This easy crochet pattern uses pre strung beads and thread crochet techniques for a simplistic but stunning bracelet. The second of our one-skein crochet patterns, the Linen Belt, utilizes motif squares and lace pattern to create a simple fashion accessory. For a gift that will be treasured by young and old, the Organic Cotton Washcloth is a perfect fit, using organic cotton yarn and an easy stitch pattern to create a durable, textured washcloth. Download all five easy crocheting patterns to start your favorite right away.

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Crocheters of all skill levels are sure to love these gorgeous free patterns for crochet. Each stylish design is as fun to wear as it is to create, and the best part is they are quick crochet projects so you will have them finished in no time! Plus, along with this easy crochet patterns free eBook you'll get pages and pages of easy crochet instructions and helpful tips. And with your free membership to the Crochet Me community, you'll have the help and support of thousands of crocheters of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Download your entire collection of free simple crochet patterns (including three one-skein crochet projects) and get started today!

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Easy Crochet Patterns Free eBook, Design #1: Country Rug

Crochet Patterns: Easy Design #1

Country Rug by Susan Huxley

Inspired by folk art, the sunny hues of apricot and green combine with cooler purple and teal for a randomly patterned, eye-catching rug. Bulky alpaca helps this easy crochet pattern work up quickly, but also makes it soft and warm underfoot. The entire design is worked in single crochet, beginning in the center and spiraling out. This simple design is perfect for beginners and can be made as small or as large as desired. Create this or one of our other free patterns to crochet when you download the entire collection of quick crochet projects.

Crochet Patterns Easy Collection, Design #2: Hook and Weave Shrug

Crochet Patterns: Easy Design #2

Hook & Weave Shrug by Jennifer Orr

This easy crochet pattern enables even first-time crocheters to create a cozy, beautiful crocheted article of clothing. This shrug design uses three basic stitches (which you can learn about in the easy crochet instructions), worked into a rectangle with seams to create the sleeves. For an extra special touch, weave in contrasting color as you please for stylish detailing. Get all five free simple crochet patterns, including this shrug, when you claim your free pattern collection.

Free Simple Crochet Patterns, Design #3: Yellow Leaf Bracelet

Crochet Patterns: Easy Design #3

Yellow Leaf Bracelet by Amy Clarke Moore

Crochet is popping up all over the fashion world, from tops to dresses, shoes to necklaces. Crocheting accessories along with other wardrobe items can be a fun way to add personality to your wardrobe. Designer Amy Clarke Moore loves the gold colors of autumn in Colorado, so she designed this inspired crocheted bracelet to celebrate the season. Not only is this a perfect easy crochet pattern, but it is one of our favorite one-skein crochet projects! Download your collection of free patterns to crochet to pick your favorite easy crochet pattern to start today.

Free Patterns for Crochet, Design #4: Linen Belt

Crochet Patterns: Easy Design #4

Linen Belt by Mary Jane Mucklestone

Mary Jane's belt is the second of our one-skein crochet patterns, and is the perfect carry along easy crochet pattern. The fourteen motif squares are crocheted with linen yarn held doubled, so it's both quick and fun to make. Pick your favorite belt buckle to finish the look, or even use rings or ribbon to add a personal touch. Claim the entire free eBook to get all three one-skein crochet projects plus two other simple crochet patterns today.

One-Skein Crochet Projects, Design #5: Organic Cotton Washcloth

Crochet Patterns: Easy Design #5

Organic Cotton Washcloth for Babies by Kim Werker

The third of our one-skein crochet projects, this organic cotton washcloth makes a lovely, eco-friendly gift, especially when wrapped up with an all-natural bar of soap. Cotton yarn has little memory and tends to grow during use, making it the perfect yarn for this type of project. The soft, absorbent yarn, combined with the lofty, textured stitch pattern results in a durable and luxurious item to gift to a loved one or yourself. Whip up one or all five of these easy crocheting patterns when you download the entire collection for free.

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Easy crocheting patterns are the perfect way to get started learning to crochet and are great for anyone looking for quick crochet projects, or for an easy last minute item to whip up. Each easy crochet pattern included is sure to be loved by you or that someone special you have created it for. Whether you choose to make them all, or have a special favorite, this collection of quick crochet projects is sure to be one you turn to again and again. Best of all, it's absolutely free to download.

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Get easy crochet instructions plus all five quick crochet projects (including this shrug) when you claim your free eBook.

Discover the simpler side of crochet with these five free easy crochet patterns from Crochet Me. Free to download today!

Simple Crochet Patterns from Crochet Me: 5 Free Easy Crochet Patterns

Gather your yarn and notions and get ready for easy crocheting patterns! With five free simple crochet patterns to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your needs, whether for yourself or for a gift. Download your easy crochet patterns FREE eBook today!

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