Holiday Crochet Ideas Plus Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

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The excitement of each holiday begins with when the decorations are unearthed from boxes, closets, and sheds. Each year, I feel the same excitement as I carefully unwrap the handmade pieces.

In this eBook you will find a collection of free holiday crochet patterns for your decoration needs. You will find free crochet Christmas patterns, Thanksgiving crochet patterns, fall crochet patterns, and a fun dreidel pattern. Download this collection of six patterns today and add your love of crochet to your holiday decor.

Download your free crochet Christmas patterns and fun crochet holiday ideas!

From fall leaves and pumpkins to tree skirt, find your new favorite crochet patterns for Christmas and holidays.

Pull out your crochet hooks, dig through your yarn stash, and download your free holiday and Christmas crochet patterns today!

Whether you are looking for tree skirt patterns, free Christmas crochet patterns, or the perfect seasonal decor, you will love this collection of six free patterns. These designs are fun and easy to make. You can whip up handmade decorations in a few evenings or create an heirloom piece that can be passed down for generations. Your hardest decision may be choosing which pattern to begin first.

Plus, along with this free eBook full of Christmas, holiday and a few Thanksgiving crochet patterns, you'll also receive a free membership to our Crochet Me community. This membership provides you with access to our free projects library, blogs, and newsletter; plus you'll gain the help and support of thousands of crocheters of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Download this free eBook to get started.

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Holiday Crochet Ideas Plus Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

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Discover all sorts of colorful ideas, such as this crochet Christmas tree skirt pattern.

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern: Pumpkin Patch by Toni Rexroat

#1: Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Pumpkin Patch by Toni Rexroat

This bright amigurumi is the perfect crochet pumpkin pattern for your fall decorating ideas. Whip up several pumpkins in varying shades of orange or white for the perfect centerpiece for your table or create several for thoughtful gifts that will continue to give year after year.

Crochet Leaf Pattern Free: Autumn Leaves by Sarah Read

#2: Free Crochet Leaf Pattern

Autumn Leaves by Sarah Read

This simple pattern will teach you how to crochet a leaf for any season. Create a pile of autumnal colored leaves for a centerpiece, branches of green leaves for a summer wreath, or intricate individual leaves to grace special gifts and packages. This crochet leaf pattern is free and also perfect for hair accessories or to embellish hats, mittens, and gloves.

Crochet Christmas Patterns: Pine Trees by Yumiko Alexander

#3: Free Decorative Trees Crochet Pattern

Pine Trees by Yumiko Alexander

Create a forest of pine trees with this festive design. You can embellish this pattern with beads to create a sparkling Christmas tree or embellish it with strings of garland. A simple pattern of scalloped stitches are fitted over a simple foam shape. This technique allows you to create crochet trees of varying heights.

Crochet Patterns for Christmas or Gifts: Piper’s Chain Scarf by Shelby Allaho

#4: Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

Piper’s Chain Scarf by Shelby Allaho

Paper garlands inspired this fun holiday accessory. Loops of single crochet are joined as you go, making this the perfect holiday crochet pattern for children and beginning crocheters. And the simple design makes this scarf the perfect stash busting design. Keep crocheting until your scarf is the perfect length or you have created a garland to decorate your tree or room with.

Free Dreidel Pattern: Dreidel Plushie by Robyn Chachula

#5: Free Crochet Dreidel Pattern

Dreidel Plushie by Robyn Chachula

This soft toy is the ideal holiday gift for the smallest members of the family. Each of the four sides of this plushie is embroidered with a letter from the Hebrew alphabets. Worked in chain stitch embroidery, the individual letters are unique, a representation of your individual “handwriting.”

Free Tree Skirt Patterns: Granny Tree Skirt by Beth Nielsen

#6: Free Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Granny Tree Skirt by Beth Nielsen

This crochet Christmas tree skirt pattern is so gorgeous you will almost regret covering it with brightly colored packages. Individual lace motifs are joined to create a geometrical design that is both delicate and structural. Create your own unique piece by working motifs in your own holiday color palette. Allow this inventive design to inspire your crochet Christmas ideas.

Download your free crochet patterns for Christmas and holidays to celebrate the holidays with crochet style!

Whether you are decorating for your favorite holiday, looking for the perfect seasonal gift, or planning for next year’s celebrations, you'll find a fun idea to fit your needs in this free eBook. A free Christmas tree skirt pattern pairs traditional lace motifs with fun bright colors. Substitute your own colors for a personal touch. Looking for more free Christmas crochet patterns? How about a crochet leaf pattern? Free when you grab this eBook, these crochet leaves work just as well for Thanksgiving or any other fall decorating.

A quick and easy crochet pumpkin pattern is perfect for the Thanksgiving table. Or embroidery a pair of eyes and a mouth for a great Halloween jack o’ lantern. A forest of pine trees make an excellent conversation piece any time of the year, and celebrate Hanukkah with dreidel crafts kids will look forward to. Claim your free holiday crochet patterns today.

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You'll find great Christmas crochet ideas for kids, including this chain scarf.

Don't forget to download your free holiday and Christmas crochet ideas.

Add all six free patterns to your collection to add a little cheer to your holidays all year. From colorful crochet Christmas patterns, and a soft dreidel pattern to festive fall crochet patterns, this eBook has a little bit of everything. Download your copy today:

Holiday Crochet Ideas Plus Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

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