4 Infinity Scarf Patterns You’ll Want to Crochet Today

Crochet infinity scarves are a stylish accessory for staying warm. They can be worn in long drapes of lace fabric or wrapped twice or more around your neck for warmth and style. Wear infinity scarves year round by working them in crisp cotton yarn or lavish wool and cashmere.

Their increasing popularity has led to some incredible crochet infinity scarf patterns, and we want to share some of our favorites. In this eBook collection, we have chosen four beautiful designs that you won’t believe are free. Included are lace infinity scarves that are perfect for warm weather, a crochet Möbius scarf that creates a stunning hood, and a gorgeous infinity scarf with an easily memorized pattern. Download this free eBook today and find the perfect free infinity scarf pattern for you.

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Get all four of these free infinity scarf patterns in this free ebook.
These stunning crochet infinity scarf patterns are free, check them out at Crochet Me.

Your next perfect infinity scarf pattern is waiting for you, download them all and start your favorite today!

Looking for inspiration to crochet your own perfect accessory? In these four free crochet infinity scarf patterns, you will find the perfect accessory to dress up a summer blouse, keep your warm in the winter, or add a touch of color to any outfit. Wrap a sumptuous infinity scarf crocheted in a luxurious yarn around your neck or whip up a quick accessory for a perfect gift. You could have the finishing touch to that perfect outfit in no time. What are you waiting for? Download this free eBook to get started!

Free Pattern: Undefined Cowl by Janet Brani

Pattern #1

Undefined Cowl by Janet Brani

Worked in a fascinating ripply tape cotton yarn, this free infinity scarf crochet pattern is the perfect lace design for warm weather. The open lace stitch transforms after it is blocked to create incredible drape. This is sure to become one of your favorite accessories.

Free Pattern: Aspen Infinity Cowl by Linda Permann

Pattern #2

Aspen Infinity Cowl by Linda Permann

This elegant infinity scarf cowl is the perfect touch of luxury worked in a beautiful merino wool, cashmere, and silk yarn. Not to be outdone, the sophisticated shell stitches are simple and elegant. An understated edging adds the finishing touch for this popular scarf.

Free Pattern: Metamorphosis Mobius by Hanna Cuviello

Pattern #3

Metamorphosis Mobius by Hanna Cuviello

This easy crochet infinity scarf transforms easily from a close cowl with multiple wraps to an elegant head covering and shawl. The lace pattern is worked in rounds. Each pattern repeat works two rounds, one above and one below the Mobius. This construction allows you to easily modify the scarves width.

Free Pattern: Prairie Lace Cowl by Toni Rexroat

Pattern #4

Prairie Lace Cowl by Toni Rexroat

A skein of gorgeous worsted-weight gray yarn was the inspiration for creating this crochet pattern. The stitch pattern repeat used for this crocheted infinity scarf is quickly memorized and allows you to easily modify the infinity scarf’s length.

Pick one of these beautiful designs and you’ll learn how to crochet an infinity scarf as you go!

Learn how to crochet an infinity scarf with these four free patterns. Discover an infinity scarf crochet pattern worked in a gorgeous Mobius of variegated lace yarn. Learn how to crochet infinity scarves from end to end and in long rounds from the bottom up. We even included a free pattern that will introduce you to crocheting with cotton tape yarn, and give you the opportunity to explore lace stitches.

Whip up a spot of color for your winter wear or a quick gift for a friend with the popular Aspen Infinity Cowl, or create a crochet infinity scarf perfect for warm weather with the Undefined Cowl. The Metamorphous Mobius and Prairie Lace Cowl are perfect for your favorite soft luxury yarns and to keep you warm during cold winter outings. Download 4 Free Crochet Infinity Scarf Patterns and begin your next crocheting adventure!

Learn how to crochet this beautiful infinity scarf.