How to Crochet Socks and Slippers: Free Patterns for Crochet Slippers and Socks

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Cuffs and heels and toes and insteps—a few short years ago crochet sock patterns began to appear in a few crochet magazines. Now you can find the perfect crochet sock pattern in a variety of books and magazines. As designers jumped on the crochet socks wagon, they began designing easy crochet socks, socks worked from the cuff down and from the toe up, socked constructed from side to side, and more unique designs.

Crochet socks have grown from crochet's slippers legacy. Crochet slipper patterns have been created as for years as special gifts for family or friends or to keep the crocheter's feet warm on a chilly evening. We love them all, which is why we put a variety of socks and slippers in this collection for you to explore. Download your free crochet sock patterns and slipper patterns today and learn how to crochet socks and slippers for yourself and for gorgeous unique gifts.

Download your free patterns for crochet slipper and crochet socks!

You'll get all of these patterns, two crochet sock patterns and three designs for crocheted slippers, in this wonderful free collection.

From an easy crochet sock pattern to creative slippers that will delight any feet, how will you decide which pattern to begin first?

Download this free collection of patterns today and learn how to crochet slippers and socks to create gorgeous designs for yourself, family, and friends. You will find the perfect crocheted slippers or socks for any occasion.

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How to Crochet Socks and Slippers: Free Patterns for Crochet Slippers and Socks

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Learn how to crochet slippers and customize your free crochet slipper patterns.

Sock Crochet Pattern: Beaux Jestes Socks

#1: Sock Crochet Pattern

Beaux Jestes Socks by Tracy St. John

This crochet sock pattern incorporates the techniques that crochet is best known for, granny squares and chevron stitches, into the cuffs of these colorful and easy crochet socks. The fun colorblock design also provides a great opportunity to stashbust some of your leftover fingering-weight yarn. The foot length of these socks is easily customizable, so you can make a pair just the perfect size.

Sock Crochet Pattern: Red Twig Knee Socks

#2: Sock Crochet Pattern

Red Twig Knee Socks by Patsy Harbor

Worked from side to side, these socks are crocheted using a unique construction with short rows to add width at the calves. The short rows allow more control over sizing, whether you have thick or barely there calves. The colorful textured pattern is particularly eye-catching in these knee-high crochet stockings.

Crochet Slippers, Free Patterns: A Family of Slippers

#3: Crochet Slippers, Free Patterns for the Whole Family

A Family of Slippers by Linda Permann

Crochet a pair for everyone in your family with these free crochet slipper patterns. The basic crochet slipper pattern can be embellished with colorful flowers and motifs, buttons, straps, or a striped tongue to create a personalized design for anyone on your list. Crocheting slippers of any size is made easy by instructions that show you how to create slippers at any length and circumference.

Easy Crochet Slipper Pattern: Comfort Slippers

#4: Easy Crochet Slipper Pattern

Comfort Slippers by Sarah Read

These easy slippers can easily be whipped up in a weekend. Worked in single crochet in the round, these slippers are incredibly easy to modify for the ideal fit. The customized fit makes these slippers very comfortable, more like a pair of crocheted socks than a pair of bulky slippers.

Crochet Slipper Pattern: Molly's Mukluks

#5: Crochet Slipper Pattern

Molly's Mukluks by Toni Rexroat

Textured slippers will keep your little one's feet warm when the temperatures dip. Sized from newborn to 2 years, these crocheted slippers boast boot shafts that fasten with two buttons to make them easier to put on and remove. Create several pairs in easily washable fibers.

What are you waiting for? Learn how to crochet slippers & socks like a pro with these free patterns!

These free crochet slipper and sock patterns will quickly get you started on adding colorful and easy crochet socks and gorgeous crocheted slippers to your wardrobe. For the little ones Molly's Mukluks is sure to be the crochet slippers pattern you turn to again and again. The easy patterns in A Family of Slippers will teach you how to make slippers customized for individual fit. Or pick your favorite crochet sock pattern, such as the Red Twig Knee Socks, and learn how to make a pair for yourself or as a special gift.

With this free eBook you will begin choosing your footwear by how well they show off your socks and looking for opportunities to lounge at home with your favorite pair of slippers. So download your free crochet sock patterns & slippers too, and choose your first pattern today. What will it be socks or slippers?

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Discover many fun ways to add a special touch to your designs, including this crochet slippers pattern.

Don't forget to download your free collection of patterns and learn how to crochet socks and slippers today.

Socks and slippers have really taken the crochet world by storm. If you're ready to dive in and give one a try, this free eBook is for you. For socks you can start with the easy crochet sock pattern, then work up the other sock pattern in your favorite colors. Then, be sure to add a crochet slippers pattern or two to your list. Whether you make one or make them all you'll love learning how to crochet slippers & socks. Download your copy today:

How to Crochet Socks and Slippers: Free Patterns for Crochet Slippers and Socks

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