7 Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns

Learn About Tunisian Hooks, Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitches, and More

Tunisian crochet is a wonderful technique that has become so accessible, that any crocheter can give it a try. Whether you’re a pro, or wondering "What is Tunisian crochet?" and are looking for your very first project, you’re sure to love this free collection from Crochet Me. With a wide variety of projects and Tunisian stitch options for you to choose from, you’ll learn how to Tunisian crochet while working up a fun project at the same time. Patterns include:

  • A great introduction, the Tunisian Lace Ascot is easily completed for a simple, feminine scarf.
  • Discover how to crochet Tunisian chevrons with the Chevron Cowl.
  • A useful wardrobe piece, the Zeena Tunisian Ruana is both versatile and texturally interesting.
  • Flip-Flop Floor Pillow is fun for all, with short rows of Tunisian knit & Tunisian purl stitch.
  • Discover double ended Tunisian with the colorful Summer’s Day Placemats.
  • Learn how to do Tunisian crochet in the round with the baby to adult sized Tunisian Striped Hat.
  • Finally, tackle the gorgeous and warm Tunisian Aubrey Jacket.

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If you love the interesting, knit-like texture that Tunisian crochet provides, you are going to love this free eBook. Start simple with a scarf using Tunisian cluster stitch and a lovely lace pattern. Then practice Tunisian simple stitch to create a functional wrap ruana with two colors. Make a floppy floor pillow using not only the simple stitch, but the Tunisian purl and knit stitch. Chevrons in simple stitch create a gorgeous cowl, then use twisted stitches to crochet a gorgeous jacket. Study up on the double ended Tunisian stitch technique with some delightfully stripped placemats, then take it a step further with a hat using double ended Tunisian crochet in the round. Whether you make one or all seven, each Tunisian crochet pattern is one to add to your collection.

How to Do Tunisian Crochet: Articles on Selecting Hooks and Seaming

Tunisian Articles:

Tunisian Crochet Hooks and Seaming Tunisian Crochet

This extensive resource begins with two essentials, how to find the right Tunisian hook and how to seam. Start by learning the different Tunisian crochet hook options, including ever popular interchangeable options. Then learn how to seam your Tunisian garments with an article by Dora Ohrenstein.

Home Dec Tunisian Crochet Pattern: Summer's Day Placemats by Kim Guzman

Pattern #1

Summer’s Day Placemats by Kim Guzman

Pattern #1

Summer’s Day Placemats by Kim Guzman

Capture summer or your favorite season with festive placemats. A quick study in double-ended crochet, you’ll learn all about the technique and start with an easy project for practice. The Tunisian crochet instructions include one placemat worked lengthwise and the other widthwise for a little diversity.

Home Dec Tunisian Crochet Pattern: Flip-Flop Floor Pillow by Brianna Mewborn

Pattern #2

Flip-Flop Floor Pillow by Brianna Mewborn

This marvelous pillow is worked in spirals of alternating Tunisian purl and Tunisian knit stitch, worked in short rows. An eye-popping 36 inches in diameter, this pillow is large enough to fit a few members of your family at once. A Tunisian band encircles the pillow, with reverse single crochet piping holding it all together.

Tunisian Hat Pattern: Tunisian Striped Hat by Toni Rexroat

Pattern #3

Tunisian Striped Hat by Toni Rexroat

The selected colors for this hat are worked in two Tunisian stitches create stripy fun. Worked in the round, this hat is the perfect exercise in handling stitches coming off and on your Tunisian hook. Plus, with sizes ranging from baby to adult, you can create one for everyone on your list!

Tunisian Wrap Pattern: Zeena Tunisian Ruana by Kristin Omdahl

Pattern #4

Zeena Tunisian Ruana by Kristin Omdahl

There comes a time of year when it’s too cold for just a cardigan but it’s not quite time to pull out your winter coat. This is the perfect time to snuggle into a ruana-style wrap! The simple stitch pattern is quite dense and is worked in two colors, resulting in fabric with an interesting woven look. A versatile piece, Zeena is easy to throw on while retaining a structured look. It can be work open, cinched with a belt, or even with one side slung over a shoulder.

Tunisian Scarf Pattern: Tunisian Lace Ascot by Ellen K. Gormley

Pattern #5

Tunisian Lace Ascot by Ellen K. Gormley

This lacy Tunisian scarf is made from a one-row repeat of Tunisian cluster stitch that is easily memorized. Though simple, the resulting Tunisian stitches are elegant and practical. Excellent drape and loft are hallmarks of this design and are owed in part to the wool/linen yarn.

Tunisian Cowl Pattern: Chevron Cowl by Sheryl Thies

Pattern #6

Chevron Cowl by Sheryl Thies

Tunisian decreases are paired with yarn overs to create a classic chevron pattern in this easy cowl. This easy pattern will introduce you to Tunisian simple stitch as well as increases and decreases in an easily memorized design. Try working the chevrons in colorwork stripes for a fun twist.

Tunisian Jacket Pattern: Aubrey Jacket by Tram Nguyen

Pattern #7

Aubrey Jacket by Tram Nguyen

Tunisian simple stitch takes on a new twist with this gorgeous jacket. Twisted simple stitch creates a dense fabric that is perfect for outerwear and fun to crochet. Worked from the top down, this sweater allows you to modify the design as you go and create the perfect fit.

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With the help of each expert, you’ll explore all sorts of Tunisian crochet stitches, from Tunisian knit stitch to Tunisian crochet in the round, and have a variety of useful projects to work with. Make a beautiful scarf using a cluster style stitch, or create a woven-textured ruana using easy to follow instructions and basic Tunisian stitches. Then add some Tunisian to your home with some delightfully stripped placemats, and even a floor pillow big enough for two. Crochet a warm Tunisian cardigan then create an easy crochet cowl, perfect for a chilly evening or as a quick gift. Finally, whip up a warm hat for anyone in the family and learn how to do Tunisian crochet in the round at the same time! Try each project or combine techniques and your creativity to come up with your own projects. Grab your hooks, yarn, and a copy of this free eBook to start exploring Tunisian crochet today!

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Get tips on a variety of Tunisian crochet stitches, including this chevron.