Complete Guide to Magic Ring – Instructions Plus Free Patterns

Free Patterns + Guide to How to Crochet Magic Ring

Though it is sometimes known by different names, learning how to make a magic ring crochet project will add a new tool to your toolbox. We have created detailed crochet magic ring instructions and step-by-step photographs to walk you through the process of working this innovative technique. These instructions will help you whether you’re attempting for the first time or just need a refresher. You will learn how to make a magic circle crochet using two different methods. The first method is perfect for everyday crochet projects, while the second method doubles up the right and is ideal for heavy-use designs.

Once you have learned how to make a magic ring in crochet, you’ll be ready for one of the three amazing patterns we’ve included that are built on the magic crochet ring. Practice your new skills with a stunning home decor design, a whimsical hat, or a set of toys. Get it all in this incredible free download!

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From a crochet magic loop tutorial to three patterns using the magic loop crochet method, this eBook is one you don’t want to miss!

If you’ve ever ended up with a hole at the top of your hat, or wondered if there was a better way to start a project in the round, the crochet adjustable ring technique is the answer. Discover two methods for making the crochet magic circle plus three patterns to try your skills on, all with this free download:

Tutorial: How to Crochet Magic Ring Techniques

Basic and Double Magic Ring Techniques

The Basic Magic Ring is the perfect technique for creating projects in the round. In contrast to working into a chain or a chain circle, the basic magic ring allows you to tighten the first row, eliminating any opening. This is perfect for hats, afghans, and many motifs that are worked in the round.

The Double Magic Ring is stronger than the basic magic ring making it the perfect technique for items that will receive hard use or for children’s accessories and toys. The double magic ring is created using two strands of yarn or two yarn wraps and is especially great when you are using a single ply or lightweight yarn.

Use Magic Loop Crochet, Pattern #1: Play Time by Kim Werker

Pattern #1

Play Time by Kim Werker

These easy juggling balls or hacky sacks are quick and easy and the perfect opportunity to play with colors and stitched embellishments. Whip up a set in a weekend or build a stash with left-over yarn from finished projects.

Use Magic Circle Crochet, Pattern #2: Spiral Rug by Julie Armstrong Holetz

Pattern #2

Spiral Rug by Julie Armstrong Holetz

This rug elevates a classic crochet motif to an eye-catching conversation piece. Worked in sisal twine, this rug can be used indoors or out. The use of the magic ring crochet ensures a seamless spiral. Create this fun rug for your own home or as a unique housewarming gift.

Use the Magic Crochet Ring, Pattern #3: Lil Vampire Hat by Brenda K. B. Anderson

Pattern #3

Lil Vampire Hat by Brenda K. B. Anderson

This adorable hat is a perfect example of a how to use the magic ring to create a fun and warm crochet hat. This basic earflap hat is transformed from simple to a sweet and adorable monster with the addition of a pair of pointy ears and a couple wee fangs.

Learn how to crochet magic ring techniques and discover one of crochet’s best kept secrets with this free eBook!

The crochet adjustable ring is perfect if you do not want a hole in the center of your motif, hat, or other project worked in the round. This method is sometimes also referred to as adjustable ring, magic loop crochet, crochet magic circle, or adjustable loop.

In this free eBook, we will teach you how to crochet a magic ring, covering both the basic and the double magic ring. Large color photographs will walk you through the creation process. Also included, three patterns will give you the perfect opportunity to try out the magic ring in crochet projects of your own. What are you waiting for, learn this essential crochet technique with this free download today!

Instructions include basic and double magic ring crochet tutorials.