How to Felt Crochet: Felting Instructions plus 4 Free Felted Crochet Patterns

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Feltmaking is one of the oldest fiber arts, dating back to ancient times long before people considered spinning yarn, weaving or stitching fabric. In recent years, crocheters and knitters have been experimenting with the process of felting handmade items. A piece of fabric or a finished object is washed in hot water with a little soap and emerges smaller, denser, and with the original stitches almost unrecognizable. What results is a strong, soft, sturdy, and water-resistant fabric that has incredible potential.

If you've always wondered how to felt crochet items or are looking for some projects to get you started feltmaking, then this collection is for you. Begin with the informative All About Felted Crochet article where you'll learn how to select the correct yarn, work up pieces in the correct size, and get the basic steps for felting by hand and washing machine. Next, try your hand at felting crochet with one of our four projects or use them as a starting point for your own felted crochet creations. Get all the instructions you need to get started feltmaking plus four free projects when you download your entire how to felt crochet eBook!

Learn how to felt and the basics of creating crochet for felting with this free eBook from Crochet Me!

Along with felting instructions, you'll get four projects to practice and perfect your feltmaking skills.

Download your free eBook of felting instructions and patterns from the experts!

If you have wanted to learn how to felt, but never knew where to begin, then this free collection is the perfect place to start exploring. Begin with the All About Felted Crochet article, where expert Amy Swenson dives into the details of how to felt wool and crocheted items. Inside, you'll learn how to select yarn that suitable for felting, and starting with the proper hook size. Next, you'll find felting instructions for hand felting, and washing machine felting with both top- and front-loading machines. Finish with useful tips for blocking and drying followed by a lesson in the science behind how feltmaking occurs. After you understand the basics, you'll be ready to move onto one of our four free patterns for felting crochet. The Ribbon Weave Purse is a delightfully simple design for all skill levels, working up quickly for a simple clutch felted purse pattern. Leslie's Felted Chevron Tote follows a deceptively simple row repeat for a felted bag that is full of color. The sporty Felted Hooded Vest is perfect for changing seasons, with an open v-stitch pattern that creates a fun, stripy felted vest. Finally, the Beaded Ring Felted Bag shows how intentional decreases and shaping come together for a functional felted bag. Get all three felted handbags plus felted vest pattern when you download your free eBook on how to felt!

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Felting crochet is easier than you think! Get expert felting instructions for hand felting and washing machine felting, plus four free projects, all in one handy download. Learn the ins and outs for how to felt wool-based crochet when you download the entire free collection from Crochet Me!

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Get tips on swatching fabrics for the right felted effect with the All About Felted Crochet article.

Start here for lessons on how to felt wool-based crochet, including machine and hand felting.

How to Felt Wool-Based Crochet

"All About Felted Crochet" by Amy Swenson

Although feltmaking is one of the oldest fiber arts, it wasn't until recently that crocheters began experimenting with felting their work. The process of felting or fulling (the technically correct term when using woven, knit, or crocheted fabric) agitates fiber to bind them together, creating a strong, sturdy, and water-resistant fabric. If are ready to explore crochet felting, then this is the perfect place to start! Begin by learning how to create crocheted items for use in felting, from the correct yarn, to selecting the proper hook size. Next, you'll get detailed felting instructions for how to felt crochet, including felting by hand and washing machine felting. This is followed by a quick run-down of blocking and drying. The last sections of the article cover the science behind feltmaking, shrinkage specifics, swatching, and next steps. After you've absorbed these helpful felting instructions, you will be armed and ready to start your first felted crochet project. Learn the science and art behind felted crochet when you claim your free eBook on how to felt wool-based crochet.

Patterns for Felted Bags #1: Ribbon Weave Purse

Patterns for Felted Bags: #1

"Ribbon Weave Purse" by Rachel Roberts

For work, play, or celebration, this felted purse pattern will take you through every occasion. Crocheted using quadruple treble crochet and half double crochet, this bag works up in a flash, and is the perfect beginner felted crochet pattern to start out with. Once the bag is felted and dried, you can add a personal touch with just the right ribbon. Download your free eBook for felted purses, bags, and more to spark your crochet creativity.

Patterns for Felted Bags #2: Felted Chevron Tote

Patterns for Felted Bags: #2

"Felted Chevron Tote" by Leslie Ann Bestor

When you are in search for color and pattern, this felted bag is just right! The chevron pattern is an easy one row repeat with a simple bottom worked in, perfect for anyone looking for an easy project. The best part about starting with felted bags is that you can experiment with how much shrinkage occurs with each yarn and stitch, without worrying about whether the end product will fit. This quick felted bag would also make an excellent gift! Get started learning how to felt crochet with the entire collection of free crochet felting patterns today.

Patterns for Felted Bags #3: Beaded Ring Felted Bag

Patterns for Felted Bags: #3

"Beaded Ring Felted Bag" by Jill Wright

Inspired by her mother’s love of beading and the long distance that separates them, Jill designed this perfect little travel bag. The triangle ends and trapezoidal sizes are shaped in the round as you go, and a little bead-crochet ring adds the perfect finishing touch. Create a fancy felted bag for yourself or a loved one and inspire your crochet when you download your free patterns and felting instructions.

Felted Vest Pattern: Felted Hooded Vest

Felted Vest Pattern

"Felted Hooded Vest" by Jennifer Appleby

This sporty hooded vest is perfect for fall and times of seasonal change. The open V-stitch pattern creates fun, wavy stripes and uses less yarn, time, and effort than you might expect. The felted vest is toasty warm, stylish, and great for wear indoors or out. Work the pattern up in neutrals or your favorite colors to create and incredibly functional felted vest! Claim all four free felted crochet patterns for felted bags and a vest when you download the free crochet felting eBook.

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What most of us call "felting" is technically "fulling." True felt is created when unstitched wool fibers are layered and subjected to heat, friction, and moisture, such as with needlefelting. When a woven, knit, or crocheted fabric is subjected to the same conditions, the process is called fulling. Today, felting is the common term for both techniques and because the terms are often used interchangeably, we refer to the process as felting. Feltmaking only seems like a complicated process, and with the help of this collection of tips for how to felt and four free patterns, you'll be felting like a pro in no time. Plus, along with this free eBook you'll also receive a free membership to our Crochet Me community. This membership provides you with access to our free projects library, blogs, and newsletter; plus you'll gain the help and support of thousands of crocheters of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Grab your hooks and yarn and get started felting crochet today!

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Included in this free eBook are four felted crochet patterns for felted bags and a vest.

Learn how to felt and the basics of creating crochet for felting with this free eBook from Crochet Me!

How to Felt Crochet: Felting Instructions plus 4 Free Felted Crochet Patterns

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