Sweet Princess Cocoon-ghan Crochet Pattern – (Uses Crocodile Stitch)


Monica Kennedy, Crochet by Monica Kennedy


With recently falling in love with cocoons and the crocodile stitch, I thought nothing could be better than combining the two in one pattern. I did not simply want to stop with the last row of crocodile stitches and thought how pretty it could be to have an afghan-like topper that would beautifully crown the baby’s head. This pattern is not for the new crocheter. There is a great free tutorial video on the crocodile stitch which I highly recommend from Art of Crochet by Teresa (love her videos). If you are not familiar with cocoons, they are kind of like making a toboggan, and are designed to snuggle the body of the baby. This pattern is light and lacy, so to keep the baby extra warm you may want to swaddle her first in a receiving blanket, then slide on the cocoon-ghan to help keep the baby swaddled and make her look like a sweet princess!

Materials List

COLOR A: 1 ¼  skeins* Bernat Baby Coordinates 48512 Sherbet

COLOR B: ¼ skein Bernat Baby Coordinates 48005 White

Hook: 8.00 mm / L US

Finished Size

Finished size: 22” x 11”

*this is an approximate and will vary based on individual crocheter’s tension.


Gauge: 4 stitches x 1 row = 1 inch

The Pattern

see free pattern here: http://crochetbymonica.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474980226984

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13 thoughts on “Sweet Princess Cocoon-ghan Crochet Pattern – (Uses Crocodile Stitch)

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  3. I have clicked on every link I have found on this pattern and no where can I find it for free!! I know the hard work that goes into a project. If you need a free pattern for whatever the reason, you have looked at hundreds & find just the right one, only to see it’s not free is heartbreaking. Thank you

  4. I noticed a comment from Sonya that she couldn’t find this pattern.  I got it at this link:




    Hope this helps

  5. I noticed a comment from Sonya that she couldn’t find this pattern.  I got it at this link:




    Hope this helps

  6. Shame on you Monica Kennedy! You advertise this pattern free here, on The WHOot & other places. You make it almost impossible to find the pattern, which is on Craftsy ( crochet by Monica Kennedy ). Had to jump thru a lot of loops to find this pattern, then it’s a Paid pattern, Not Free! You give hard working crocheters a bad name. Not only would I never buy a pattern of yours now, I would never do business with such a deceptive person, free or not. You even have it posted as free in the comments below. Really??


    An honest person