Learn How to Join Motifs as You Go

The combination of structure and lace, I love crochet motif projects. For smaller projects, I sometimes enjoy crocheting stacks of motifs and then joining after I am finished. These are perfect travel projects. But for something larger than a small purse, the process of joining motifs at the end can seem intimidating and endless. But joining motifs as you go eliminates this step and means after you weave in the last end of your last motif, your project is ready to wear or use.

Santa Fe Shawl by Edie Eckman

Here is crochet designer Edie Eckman to share some tips on joining motifs as you go.

Join Motifs As You Go

First things first. Unless you're doing a free-form design, you'll need a plan for placing the motifs. If you're following a pattern, you'll probably have a diagram of how the pieces fit together. If you're creating your own design, draw a sketch indicating the layout of the finished piece.

  Joining square motifs on the last round

Your motifs may be connected at the corners only, along entire sides, or with a combination of both. The joining method you choose should depend on the structure of the motifs and on the look you desire. Some types of connections are open and lacy; others are thicker and heavier. Some motif arrangements leave a large, open space at the corners, which you may choose to fill with a smaller motif after the larger motifs are joined.

Moth Wings Shrug by Mimi Alelis

When linking to a chain space in a completed motif, unless the directions state otherwise, work into the chain space rather than into the chain stitch for a slightly more solid join. When linking to a stitch, work in both the front and back loops of the stitch.

-Edie Eckman

Learn how to join a variety of motifs as you go and explore those techniques with gorgeous crochet patterns. Download Interweave Crochet Presents: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crochet Motifs and Granny Squares and begin joining motifs as you go today..

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