Stashbust and Add Color to Your Home

We all have that stash of leftover partial skeins somewhere in our craft room or stashed in a closet or under the bed. Sometimes it's just a few yards of yarn in a color we just love too much to get rid of and sometimes it is a partial skein that doesn't have quite enough for a hat or scarf. Home decor pieces are fabulous opportunities for a bit of stashbusting and a great way to add crochet and a pop of color to your house. Here are two of my favorite techniques for using up your partial skeins.

Happy Hexagon Throw by Maryse Roudier  


  Flowering Trivets by Regina Roioux

The most obvious and frequent use of stash yarn is the motif based crochet afghan. There is something incredibly comforting and homey about a multi-colored motif afghan. The Happy Hexagons Throw by Maryse Roudier was crocheted with superwash wool in twenty-six colors. None of the colors used more than a single skein, and you could easily use more than the stated twenty-six colors.

There are two ways to stashbust with motif afghans. You can work the crochet motif rows in different colors, creating a kaleidoscope of color and design. Another great motif option is to work multiple motifs, each in a single color, and seam or join these solid colored motifs to create designs inspired by quilt patterns or to produce color designs.

Sleepy Kitty Doorstop by Brenda K. B. Anderson  


Color striping is another great technique for utilizing left over yarn. When you have more of one color than another, try working stripes of differing widths. In fact, stripes worked in varying widths can be more pleasing to the eye. For even more interest, try working chevron stripes. Pillows, blankets, cozies, and even amigurumi doorstops look stunning in stripes.

  Chevron Bedspread by Kathie Eng

So pull out your leftover yarn and do some de-stashing this spring. Pre-order Crochet at Home: 25 Clever Projects for Colorful Living or download the digital eBook and add color and creativity to your home today.

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P.S. What is your favorite stashbusting tip?

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2 thoughts on “Stashbust and Add Color to Your Home

  1. My favorite way to bust through my left over yarn is in making little clothes and blankets for my kids stuffed animals and dolls – they work up quickly and it’s fun to get creative and make up little patterns for them – plus it makes my kids happy

  2. Flowers! My favorite way to use up leftover yarn is to make pretty little flowers that can be added to various projects later on. There are so many flower patterns out there, that you can never get bored with them, and they make fun and colorful additions to all sorts of things like afghans, sweaters, slippers, and my favorite… purses and bags.