Interweave Crochet, Fall 2014

Alpine Cardi Wrap
Daniela Nii


Trail Ridge Tote
Carol Ventura
Moraine Vest
Jill Hanratty
Aslant Skirt
Annastasia Cruz

Waves Vest
Dora Ohrenstein

Eagle Vest
Rohn Strong

Red Mesa Throw
Darla Fanton

Plains Hat
Suzanne Hirth


Mountain Forest Cardigan
Daniela Nii


Outback Tote
Nicoletta Tronci

Canyon Cowl
Janet Brani

Ruth Collar
Sue Perez

Joan Collar
Lynn Wasylkevych

Bette Bow Collar
Shelby Allaho

Greta Stole
Lindsay Jarvis

Carole Collar
P.K. Olson


Veronica Shawl
Dora Ohrenstein

Fast and Fabulous:
Mitered Scarf
Nirmal Kaur Khalsa

Loose Ends: Cabled Scarf
Vickie Howell

Book Excerpt: It Girl Crochet
 Shawl Gallé  
by Annette Petavy




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Yarn Spotlight: Gilded Yarns
by Marcy SmithLike bees to nectar, we are drawn to things that shimmer. Unlike the bodacious bling of a few seasons ago, this fall’s new “bling” yarn is soft, shimmery, and understated. Also, unlike some novelty yarns, this yarn slides more easily into everyday crocheted garments. It’s perfect for an elegant stripe or trim on a garment. Here, we’ve rounded up some current sweet-as-honey yarns, along with suggested uses for each and notes on how they crochet. .
Parenthook: Cabled Scarf
by Vickie Howell
This issue’s project explores both symmetry and asymmetry. The Set Aside Scarf includes a front post treble cable created with two three-stitch columns that wind around each other at even intervals. This meandering element is set slightly off the center point-or as I prefer to call it, “jauntily askew”-to make what could be a traditional stitch pattern a little less so. 
Everyday Crochet
by Kathryn Vercillo

Patrick Ahern learned to both knit and crochet from his mother during his last year of high school in his hometown of Woodland Hills, California. Pat, now thirty-three, continues to knit wearable items but prefers to use crochet to make art, using a variety of different stitches to create detailed two-dimensional and three-dimensional portraits. 

Crochet Along with Us! 
Veronica Shawl: Join the official CALJoin us to begin the CAL on September 12




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Aslant Skirt: Tuck single crochet behind a half double crochet (link coming soon!) 



Plains Hat: Master a clever Tunisian grafting technique 


Greta Stole: Wrangling with faux fur  


Bette Bow Collar: Wear it all the ways
Perez Collar: Learn more about the clever techniques in this collar!


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Inside Interweave Crochet Magazine
Lindsay Jarvis

About Lindsay Jarvis

Lindsay Jarvis is the Products and Promotions Editor for Interweave Jewelry. New to jewelry making, she comes from the yarn-filled world of Interweave, working in the past for Interweave Crochet magazine and then for Interweave Books. She has always been fascinated by the arts, fashion, and crafting. Years ago, after picking up a pamphlet on how to knit, she suddenly became fixated on fiber and began learning as much as possible. Lindsay’s designs can be seen in Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet, and Interweave Crochet Home. Eager to absorb as much as possible about jewelry, she is ready to experience all of the mistakes and triumphs of a being a beginner all over again. When not tangled up in yarn or metal, Lindsay loves to walk her two toy poodles, play around with vintage fashions, watch old movies, and attend ballet classes.