Interweave Crochet Winter 2014

Winterfrost Wrap
Dora Ohrenstein
Flurry Wrap
Jill Wright
Cirque Cardigan
Dora Ohrenstein
Winter’s Night Necklace
Lori M. Carlson

Peter Pan Pi Coat
Moon Eldridge

Ripplet Sweater
Jill Wright

Twiggy Tunic
Melissa Leapman

Audrey Twinset
Annie Modesitt



Marlo Cardigan
Vera Sanon


London Tunic
Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby

Jonas Sweater
Amanda Saladin

Taylor Pullover
Brenda K. B. Anderson

Zac Sweater
Beth Nielsen

Filmstrip Cape
Doris Chan

Velocity Shawl
Andrea Graciarena

Pulse Purse
Joyce Geisler

Chromatic Hoodie
Annie Modesitt

Shuriken Shawl
Kathy Merrick

Lattice Hat
Kristin Omdahl

Fast and Fabulous:
Triplets Scarf

Sue Perez

Bear with Me Panda Mitts
Vickie Howell

Tunisian Cables:
Serenity Sweater
Kim Guzman





Yarn Spotlight: Tweed Yarns
by Marcy SmithExplore the cozy goodness of tweed yarns swatched into spiffy bow ties! You’ll be sure to spot the perfect tweed to match your project and taste.

See more tweed yarns here!

Parenthook: Bear with Me Panda Mittens
by Vickie Howell

These adorable Panda Mitts will keep little hands warm all Winter long. With an optional mitten connector, you will be able to keep track of the set!
See Vickie’s Panda-Monium blog here
Beyond the Basics: Tunisian Cables
by Kim Guzman

This detailed photo tutorial will walk you through the Tunisian cable design featured in the Serenity Sweater. Or turn the Tunisian cables into a scarf!
Everyday Crochet: X Games
by Kathryn Vercillo

Meet Jamie Anderson, an Olympic athlete who loves to crochet during her free time.

Discover More on Crochet Me
Lattice Hat: Step-by-step directions.
A step-by-step tutorial from the designer about Tunisian entrelac in the round.


Marlo Cardigan: Honeycomb Stitch Tutorial.

Learn the Honeycomb stitch.

Triplets Scarf: Master the triplets cluster.
A triplet cluster tutorial from the designer.
Jonas Sweater: Keep Tunisian Stripes in line.
Tips for taming your Tunisian stripes.
Flurry Wrap: Tips on measuring Solomon’s Knots.

Learn handy tricks for the Solomon’s Knot.


Tips on Getting Stains Out of Boys’ Sweaters.

Find out the best way to keep your little ones looking clean.


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Inside Interweave Crochet Magazine
Lindsay Jarvis

About Lindsay Jarvis

Lindsay Jarvis is the Products and Promotions Editor for Interweave Jewelry. New to jewelry making, she comes from the yarn-filled world of Interweave, working in the past for Interweave Crochet magazine and then for Interweave Books. She has always been fascinated by the arts, fashion, and crafting. Years ago, after picking up a pamphlet on how to knit, she suddenly became fixated on fiber and began learning as much as possible. Lindsay’s designs can be seen in Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet, and Interweave Crochet Home. Eager to absorb as much as possible about jewelry, she is ready to experience all of the mistakes and triumphs of a being a beginner all over again. When not tangled up in yarn or metal, Lindsay loves to walk her two toy poodles, play around with vintage fashions, watch old movies, and attend ballet classes.