Urchins and Limpets Crocheted Blanket, As Seen on Episode 310

May 21, 2010
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Designer Spotlight – Kathy Merrick, designer and author of Crochet in Color: Techniques and Designs for Playing with Color (Interweave, 2009), joins Kim to demonstrate the Urchins and Limpets crocheted blanket, a textural, fun, and easy-to-crochet design that uses pops of color for added interest. Download the free crocheted blanket pattern. Learn more about the yarns (Mission Falls 1824 Wool) used in this pattern at Mission Falls.


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scokeep wrote
on Oct 22, 2011 8:56 PM

I've started to work on this pattern but am stuck.  what do you mean by 'sc into the side of last sc', i've crocheted for years and have never seen this wording.  It is suppose to mean to do a fpsc?  Are there any close up pics available of the background motif and maybe 1 of the center ones by any chance?