10 Free Granny Square Patterns

Aug 3, 2010
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The basic granny square is a series of shells worked with increases at the corners to create a square. You'll find directions for the basic granny square motif on page 5 and tips for joining the motifs on page 14. If you're just venturing into granny squares, we have some great starter projects.

The granny does what it does best in The Light & Shadow Blanket. Judith L. Swartz organizes the usual scrappy look into a color-shading blanket based on a quilt pattern.

With the Messenger Bag, Judith L. Swartz uses a four-round granny square as the building block, then joins several for a classic bag perfect for traveling around town. Styled after a bicycle messenger bag, it's great on the bike or off.


In the child's Boho Blocks Pullover, Valentina Devine incorporates a spoked wheel in the center of a granny motif. The garment is formed entirely of squares, with some clever folding under the arms.Once you have the basics down, you can explore variations on the granny square.


The Kaleidoscope Scarf by Judith L. Swartz is made up of the Sow Thistle Square Motif, a circle that blooms into a square.


The squares in the Four Corners Headband by MK Carroll are made up of solid stitches rather than shells, the better to show off pretty color-changing yarn. 


The Bangle Bracelet by Marilyn Murphy is a perfect beginner project. Made up of tiny motif squares worked in a light yarn, this project will give you the basics on how to crochet granny squares.


Tracy St. John's Beaux Jestes Socks pay homage to two classic afghan patterns: granny squares and ripples. The grannies are tiny two-round motifs that let you play with color—it's a great stashbuster if you have some sock-weight remnants.

Grannies step to the next level in Robyn Chachula's Gladiolus Vest. Stitch diagrams clearly show the variations on this elegant granny-full motif, half motif, three-quarter motif and quarter motif-and guide you through joining to create this lovely vest.

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ScotKaz wrote
on Apr 15, 2015 10:19 AM

I adore Granny Squares. They are my favourite item to crochet.  Thank you for sharing. :)