Garfield hat

Jan 17, 2013
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Amy L.


J hook

Orange yarn for the hat

ch 5- slip stitch to form a ring,

Materials List


J hook

H hook

G hook
Orange or gold, black ,white and yellow yarn.

Finished Size

child to adul

The Pattern

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C-4ta wrote
on Jan 20, 2013 2:42 PM

Amy you are an extremely talented crocheter, so far with what I have seen of your work your hats are wonderful. They are fun to look at and probably a lot of fun to make.  I have been trying very, very hard to get back into crocheting as I had a stroke three years ago so I have littrally forgotten how to do just the basics. I would really like to give your Garfield hat a try if I may. As I rummage through my work in progress bins I can see that I really can crochet but unfortunatly have forgotten how to complete every single one of them. I must accept the fact that they are my past projects so I think it is time to get on with the now. So as I had said earlier I really would like to give this one a try. I may need to ask for some help from you time to time if that would be ok with you. Thank you so much for your inspiration and I look forward to starting on this hat today. You have really given me something to look forward to. Thank you!!!