'Carnation flower' Hair elastic band

Feb 22, 2014
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Bright Craft of Crochet


This PDF contains diagram and written instructions on how to crochet carnation flower which I turned into hair elastic band. Size, colour and type of yarn or thread may be of your choice.

Materials List

Hook of your choice depending on the size of the yarn or thread you will be using, but don't pick up too thick yarn as well as too big hook. Too thin thread and too little hook may be used, but it will take you more effort and time to crochet this piece. I advise to choose something in-between. One hair elastic band if you choose to stick to my option.

Finished Size

The size is free. The more rows you crochet the fluffier the flower will be.


Any gauge depending on the size of the hook and yarn or thread you've chosen.


I've used puffs and sc crocheted together

The Pattern

Please, refer to the PDF for instructions

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