Fun Flower Pillow

Nov 22, 2005
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by Michelle Grissam


pillowThis cheery, cuddly pillow is sure to brighten even the dullest day. It's a fabulous project for beginners, so come on all you newbies out there, show us what you got.

Materials List

  • Sport Weight Baby Yarn, 2 colors A & B (pick your favorites!)
  • Size I hook
  • Polyester Fiberfill for pillow stuffing
  • Small piece of yarn, stitch marker, or safety pin to mark rounds


I used 2 colors for the front of the flower and one single color for the back.

The Pattern

Flower Pillow Body (make 2)

*Do not join rounds; use a piece of yarn or safety pin to mark the first stitch of each round*

With Color A: Ch 4, join with sl st to first ch to form ring

Rnd 1. ch 1, 9 sc in ring (9 sc total)
Rnd 2. 2 sc in each sc around (18)
Rnd 3. (sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (27)
Rnd 4. (sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (36)
Rnd 5. (sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (45) - join Color B in last st
Rnd 6. (sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (54)
Rnd 7. sc in each sc around
Rnd 8. Repeat rnd 7
Rnd 9. (sc in next 5 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (63)
Rnd 10. repeat rnd 7
Rnd 11. (sc in next 6 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (72)
Rnd 12. repeat rnd 7
Rnd 13. (sc in next 7 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (81)
curl up with me!Rnd 14. (sc in next 8 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (90)
Rnd 15. (sc in next 9 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (99)
Rnd 16. (sc in next 10 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around (108)
Rnd 17. repeat rnd 7
Rnd 18. (sc in next 11 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around until last st, sc in last st (116)
*Do not fasten off*

1st Petal

Row 19. sc in each of the next 21 sc, turn (21)
Row 20. ch 1, 2 sc in first sc, sc in next 19 sc, 2 sc in last sc, turn (23)
Row 21. ch 1, 2 sc in first sc, sc in next 21 sc, 2 sc in last sc, turn (25)
Row 22. ch 1, sc in each sc across, turn
Row 23-24. repeat row 22
Row 25. ch 1, dec over next 2 sc, sc in each sc across w/ dec over last 2 sc, turn (23)
Row 26-35. repeat row 25 (3)
Row 36. sc in each sc across
*Fasten off*

Remaining Petals (make 4)
Skip 2 sc on round 18
Row 19. Join with sc in next sc, sc in next 20 st, turn (21)
Row 20. Repeat rows 20-36 of the 1st Petal

*At end of 5th petal, do not fasten off*

Rnd 37: Turn, ch 1. Working in ends of rows and in each sc, sc around outer edge of flower; join with a sl st to first sc. After first side, fasten off. After second side, fasten off leaving length for sewing. With wrong sides together, sew flower sides together through Back Loops only, stuffing firmly with filling before closing.

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Jjenjen wrote
on Sep 2, 2006 8:01 PM
I loved the pattern , So easy to follow and great results.Thanks heaps . I am gunna make heaps of them in all diff colours for my grandaughters room , they have a new baby due and have had to move in together , so some new fun additions might help the transition . Thanks again,


Laughing wrote
on Oct 12, 2006 1:55 PM

I'm excited to try the pattern -- what a cute gift. It doesn't say how much yarn is needed, however. It looks pretty small, so I'm guessing one normal-sized ball for each side will be plenty - ?


Heba wrote
on Dec 3, 2006 4:32 AM

Free Patterns Crochet

wendi wrote
on Dec 24, 2006 7:42 PM

Great kid gift!!!

on Dec 22, 2007 5:07 PM

I love this, what a unique present for a friend who has everything!! When I find cool patterns I like to make them over and over again in a whole bunch of different colors...

you can NEVER crochet too much, or have too many pillows!


KaelynJ wrote
on Jan 20, 2008 12:03 AM
i love this!!! it matches my bed spread perfectly =]

thanks for the pattern!!!

Crocheting=My Life

bapittman wrote
on Feb 13, 2010 5:13 PM

I made two of these pillows about a year ago and just love them!  I also made a happy face pillow, for my daughter, just not putting petals. 

From a fellow crochet lover in Miami Beach...

Honey Bunny wrote
on Mar 16, 2010 12:02 PM

cute ,i will have to make one for myself, another pillow for my bed.(my bed is a full size bed, almost completely covered in pillows!)