Autumn Crochet Mittens

Nov 18, 2007
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I hate knitting with 4 needles, but I love mittens, so I decided to use one crochet hook instead. Here is the result, autumn mittens, because they are not so thick, and quite fitting. They are made top down, which is logic when crocheting.

Materials List

Rauma Finull

Hook 3,5 mm

Finished Size

Woman medium


10 st an 12 rounds = 5 cm x 5 cm


Increase 1 st: Two sc in same st
Increase 2 sts: Three sc in same st

Decrease 2 sts: *insert hook, yo, draw hook through st* three times. yo, draw yarn through all 4 loops.

The mittens are quite tight, so if you want them a little wider, I suggest you use a thicker yarn and/or hook.

The Pattern

4 ch to a ring. Do not join rounds

1. 12 sc in ring
2. and 3. Increase 2 st in each side (20 sts). If you want, put a contrasting colour thread in each side to mark
4. sc

5. Increase 2 st in each side

Repeat rounds 4 and 5 till you have 36 sts. Continue till the hand measures 14,5 cm. Draw yarn through loop 2 sts before the side mark. Cut yarn.


4 ch to a ring. Do not join rounds.

1. 6 sc in ring

2 2 sc in each st (12 sts)

Continue till the thumb measures 3 cm. Then increase 1 in each side. Continue till the thumb measures 6 cm. Then increase 1 in each side twice. Don’t cut the yarn.

Joining of hand and thumb:

Autumn mitten - joining thumb and hand

Put them together RS facing RS (see photo) so that 5 st between the side increases of the thumb, ar facing the 5 sts of hand just before the point where ypu cut the thread. You’re going to crochet them together with 5 sc. Then continue around with sc, going round the thumb first. In the corner between thumb and hand, you decrease 2 sts every 2nd round 5 times. 9 more rounds of sc. Then for the last 3 rounds you make 2 sc in each st. Voilà!

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PaulineL wrote
on Nov 18, 2007 9:05 AM

So cute. I love the ruffles. I prowled some of your Flickr photos and am in awe of all you've done.

ToriS wrote
on Nov 22, 2007 12:50 PM

Thank you! (I'm happy with the ruffles, too, they're always fun to make)

on Dec 22, 2007 8:08 PM

Is there any way you could make gloves, but keep the ruffles? I hate mittens (no offense to your pattern, it's very cute despite my preferences).


ToriS wrote
on Jan 5, 2008 3:37 PM
I suppose you could make the fingers the same way you make the thumb - but I'm too lazy for that, mittens are much quicker to make :)
Good luck if you try!

Update: I've been thinking - if you use the suggested yarn, it might get too thick, the fingers will not be very comfortable, I'm afraid. You could of course buy a pair of cheap gloves, pick up stiches and add the ruffles.