Wavy Blanket

Nov 27, 2007
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Stephanie Gage


This is a blanket made by using very basic stitches. Perfect for a beginner or advanced crocheter!
It is also a project that can be done with very little concentration, making it perfect for tv nights, or if you want to chat with your fellow crocheters and knitters.

Materials List

(Worsted weight yarn)
-- Red, White, Blue Version --
Berroco Comfort (210 yards/skein)
(A) - 2 skeins - Color 9755: Red
(B) - 2 skeins - Color 9807: Natural/Undyed
(C) - 2 skeins - Color 9703: Denim/Blue

Shown Above is:

-- Pink, Brown, White, Green Version --
Cascade Luna (82 yards/skein)
4 skeins - China Pink 709
4 skeins - Chocolate 705
4 skeins - White 701
4 skeins - Oxide Green

Size I (5.5mm) hook
Tapestry needle


Finished Size

Crib size: 42x35 in.
To make it bigger, increase the number of chain stitches by 12 until desired size is reached.


Not necessary to check your gauge. As long as you're using a worsted weight or heavier, the blanket can be modified to a size you want.

Not too tight, not too loose!


Remember your turning chains!

General rule:
1 for Single Crochet (sc)
2 for Half Double Crochet (hdc)
3 for Double Crochet (dc)

4 for Triple Crochet (tr)

The Pattern

With color A, ch 136 (includes turning chain), turn.

Row 1 (set-up row):
- 2 sc, *2 hdc, 2 dc, 2 tr, 2 dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc*
repeat from * to * to end of row.

Rows 2 - 3:
With color B, ch 3
Begin next stitch in the 5th stitch/space from the hook.
2 tr, *2 dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc, 2 hdc, 2 dc, 2 tr*
repeat from * to * to end of row.

Rows 4 - 5:
With color C, ch 1
Begin next stitch in the 2nd stitch/space from hook.
- 2 sc, *2 hdc, 2 dc, 2 tr, 2 dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc*
repeat from * to * to end of row.

Continue working rows 2 through 5 until desired length is reached; end with a row 5.

Last row:
With color A, ch 1
Begin next stitch in the 2nd stitch/space from hook.
- 2 sc, *2 hdc, 2 dc, 2 tr, 2 dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc*
repeat from * to * to end of row.

Finish off. Weave in ends.

Copyright © 2007
All rights reserved.
Contact the author with questions about this notice.

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on Dec 5, 2007 8:09 PM

Wow. This is gorgeous....I'm definitely going to try this next. I might change the colors....I think I'll go with a goldenrod yellow, gray, and white. I'm fairly new at crocheting. I learned as a child, but just picked it up again. I'm working on a king sized afghan now that is taking me FOREVER, and this will be the perfect blanket to make after I finally finish this monster blanket I'm currently slaving over! Thanks for this.

on Dec 5, 2007 9:23 PM

Definitely! I'm so happy you like it. It's great to do it in all kinds of different color combinations. :)

vernzap wrote
on Dec 6, 2007 10:25 AM

Very pretty! I love projects that allow me to veg in front of the tv but still be productive. :) Thanks for sharing the pattern.

KimberleyC wrote
on Dec 23, 2007 9:30 AM

I'd like to make this blanket as my first project after completing my basic crochet class and I have a question. There is no mention of a turning chains in the pattern. Do you omit them or do you complete then based on the beginning stitch?

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question!


SaraP@15 wrote
on Jan 10, 2008 7:01 AM

I'd like to make this blanket as well but I am a bit confused re: turning chains and actual pattern repeat (how many chains per pattern) Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's such a great pattern!


on Jan 10, 2008 7:27 AM

Whenever you need to turn your work you must do a turning chain. Here's the rule:

Chain stitch
1 single crochet
2 half double crochet
3 double crochet

4 triple/treble crochet

And remember that the turning chain also counts as your first stitch! :)

Hope that helps!

Laone wrote
on Jan 21, 2008 2:13 AM

I'm so sorry but this has confused me a bit. I've modified the pattern to the length I want and found to make the stitches and rows match up with the 2 patterns, I had to start with 171 chain w/ 170 actual stitches on the first row. Otherwise I was stuck in the middle of a pattern when I was working w/ 163 (28 additional stitches added to 135 crib blanket.) I ended up having to work it out on paper to make sure i didn't have to unravel again, but I am not 100% sure I am correct since I'm unfamiliar with this pattern. Am I on the right track?

My next question is about the turning chain. Is this supposed to make a type of scalloped edging or is the edging straight? Each time I am ready to turn my work over, am I supposed to make a total of 10 stitches in the first stitch from my hook thus reducing the patterns so that pattern 1 becomes 1sc (instead of 2sc) and pattern 2 becomes 1 tr (instead of 2tr)? Or have I misunderstood what was meant by the turning chain?

Please forgive my basic questions. I've crochet'd for years but mostly straight single style stitch afghans that were flat edged, no frills, nothing fancy, just dc's mixed w/ sl st. I also have a difficult time learning by reading directions. (People have to explain users manuals to me.) So any help you could provide would be _truly_ appreciated. I'm done w/ the first row and kinda waiting to move on. (Maybe a closeup photo or two could help.) Thank you so very much in advance.

on Jan 21, 2008 3:40 PM

I will do my best to answer any questions, so here I go!

1. As long as you are increasing your foundation chain by 14 stitches, you should be fine. Don't even worry about the stitch patterns at this point. Just focus on the number 14. ;)

2.When you turn your work, you will count the turning chain as 1 sc, or 1 tr (depending on which row you're working on); then move on to the next stitch (the 2nd sc, etc.)

Here's is a site that contains videos, but she doesn't have any videos up of turning chains yet (of course....)


I will try and get some photos up, but I can't guarantee any set time right now because I'm up to my ears with things going on! I will try though. :)

If that still doesn't make sense please let me know. I tried to make the pattern easy, guess not, eh?? *shrug*

on Feb 23, 2008 9:42 AM

This looks so pretty. I'm currently working on an American Flag afghan. I think I will make this one my next project if I ever finish this flag :-).

Cryssietal wrote
on Feb 23, 2008 10:00 PM

Love this! I am definitely going to make one of these. It will be so gorgeous in 3 shades of blue! Thanks!

Cryssietal wrote
on Feb 23, 2008 10:04 PM

LOL at your comment about ever finishing the American Flag. My 7 year old wanted an American Flag afghan for Christmas. I started it in October and didn't finish it until a few days before Christmas. And it still doesn't have stars on it! Oh well, he's happy with it just as it is. Hope yours turns out great!

Espie wrote
on Mar 26, 2008 11:13 AM

This is a great pattern.. my husband chose this for an afghan he wants in Marine Corps colors! It has been really easy to make and looks great.

I do have one comment, though. To make it larger, the magic number to focus on adding is groups of 12, not 14.

This is because you repeat the pattern between asterisks..

*2 hdc, 2 dc, 2 tr, 2 dc, 2 hdc, 2sc*

It took me a few minutes to figure out why i had an extra 4 chains left after adding 2 extra 'waves'.

on Apr 11, 2008 5:18 PM

Thanks for that, I'll change it. :)

claudia1 wrote
on Apr 13, 2008 6:38 AM

I noticed that too about the 12 stitch pattern. Took me a while to figure out why I had four extra stitches.

I am making this for my daughter who will graduate from West Point im May, so I guess it will look very similar to the one for the Marine Corps husband. I started this blanket just after Christmas and am about done. It looks simply stunning. Any ideas for a border that will give this a more finished look?

Espie wrote
on Apr 26, 2008 10:46 PM

To finish mine, i just ended on the same color as i started, did only one half of the color (in other words, one row) to finish with a straight edge then went around the entire afghan with a reverse SC. it makes a nice, neat edging. My husband was thrilled with the results!

surfer_rosa wrote
on May 29, 2008 8:24 AM

I just started this a couple of nights ago. I'm actually using 4 colors. (I need to get through all of this extra yearn taking up space in my closet :) It's really a cool design. Definitely a keeper!

tlfeld wrote
on Jul 22, 2008 7:52 PM

I made this using Bernat Baby Boucle in white, soft blue, and sky blue. It turned out super soft and so beautiful. It was the perfect baby gift for my friend who is about to have her first baby boy. Thanks for posting the pattern!

on Aug 26, 2008 3:19 PM

I understand about the turning chain rule, but do I do the number of chains to correspond with the last stitch of the row I've just finished, or do I do the number of chains to correspond with the first stitch of the next row?

For instance if I'm finishing my second row of pattern 1 and starting my first row of pattern 2 do I do 1 ch for then sc that ends pattern 1 or 4 for the treble that starts pattern 2?

I hope that made sense. I've tried to make this 3 times and have ended up frogging it every time. I'm not sure what I'm not getting...


on Aug 26, 2008 3:34 PM

Your turning chain will correspond with the first stitch of the following row.

Ex. - If you are to start the next row with a sc, Ch.1 for the turning chain.

- If you are to start the next row with a tr, ch. 4 for the turning chain.

Hope that helps! If not, lemme know. :)

on Aug 27, 2008 10:16 AM

So to start a row of Pattern 2, I do 4 ch, 1 treble, 2dc, 2hdc...

on Aug 27, 2008 8:43 PM

That is correct! :)

on Aug 30, 2008 10:56 AM

I got it! I dunno why I was having such a mental block on it - thanks for your help! Its coming out awesome!

esther1 wrote
on Sep 12, 2008 3:16 PM

Hi. I am a bit confused. I would like to start this pattern. When I read this it feels like you are saying the the MC has 1 row and the other 2 colors have 2 rows each. Is that the pattern?

on Sep 12, 2008 4:59 PM

When I start the blanket, I only do 1 row of the MC. Then I continue the blanket by doing 2 rows each of all the colors.

Also, when I get to the very end, I finish it off by doing 1 row of the MC again. Does that make sense?

So - at the first and last rows of the blanket, I do 1 row with the MC. But if you would rather do 2 rows, that's completely up to you! :)

mommatrain wrote
on Sep 17, 2008 6:00 PM

This is a beauty, I have been fighting with the navajo pattern for so long, It won...I lost.. so I decided to search for something else that hubby would like and THIS IS IT.... Thank you for sharing...

on Oct 17, 2008 8:20 AM

That is gorgeous! I'm doing a similar blanket with black, bright pink and bright yellow yarn. I'm alternating it as black-pink-yellow-pink-black-yellow-pink-yellow-black, etc. It's creating a neat pattern.

I'm very much a beginner and this project is making me feel like a pro.

Thank you for sharing yours!

hookncook wrote
on Jan 9, 2009 1:39 PM
I think this pattern would also be a good way to use up leftover yarns. I made this same afghan for my son in green, camo, and black, leaving the lengths of yarn on the ends where I started and finished off the rows and then adding more for fringe. No need to weave in any ends!



Mykhal Jaems wrote
on Aug 26, 2009 12:35 AM

I saw a pattern similar to this on ebay and was wondering about it.

I was also thinking that this would be good for scrap yarn, which I seem to have WAY to much of.


A Crocheter wrote
on Oct 3, 2009 5:39 PM

This is a very nice pattern, thanks for sharing it! And 'easy to remember' repetitive pattern stitches are my one of my favorites as well. If you don't mind me asking. Do you remember approximately how much yarn you used for this particular blanket?

on Oct 10, 2009 6:21 PM
Thank you for the compliments! :)

I am sorry though, because I do not remember the amount of yarn I used - it's been a while! I think I used approx. 2 or 3 balls of each color (using Berroco comfort).

on Oct 10, 2009 6:24 PM
Actually, I do have the amounts I used - (2 skeins of each color using the Berroco Comfort)


A Crocheter wrote
on Oct 12, 2009 5:50 PM

Your very welcome! Thanks to you for answering!


Teapharm03 wrote
on Nov 19, 2009 12:07 PM

This is going to be my next project.Hopefully,it will be done in time for Christmas. It would make a great gift.

klineme03 wrote
on Jan 5, 2010 9:47 AM

I also have a stupid question. When it says to begin stich pattern 1 then make two rows does that mean you make the 2 rows with pattern 1 or on the second row do you switch to pattern 2? Thanks!

on Jan 5, 2010 10:18 AM
Not a stupid question! :)

You do two rows of Pattern 1, then switch colors, and do two rows of Pattern 2. After that, you will just continue that sequence throughout the rest of the blanket.

I hope that helps! :)

klineme03 wrote
on Jan 5, 2010 10:36 AM

It does Thank you so much!!

on Jan 5, 2010 10:47 AM

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry if this is a huge inconvenience for you all, but I have updated the pattern to try and make it more understandable.

There were a lot of questions about how the pattern is to be followed, and that is a big red flag that tells me it was poorly written.

So, I hope that the updated version is easier to follow. If not, I'll always be here to answer any questions. ;)

cayla wrote
on Jan 25, 2010 12:11 PM

Hi! I'm a beginner and I was just a little confused on how to start this beautiful pattern?  I have made my foundation ch but am confused about the turning chains.  Do I make a turning chain for each stitch when I go from 2 sc to 2hdc??   So if I make my 2 sc do I then make a turning ch of 2?  If I do where do I put the stitch at?

earbended wrote
on May 21, 2010 5:36 PM

I love this pattern. My daughter asked for a blanket for christmas and was undecided on the pattern. I had found some chunky type yarn and couldn't find a pattern to accomidate the thickness. Then this one popped up so i tried it. I found I can finish a blanket to fit a single bed in about a week (it only took me a week to finish my daughter's blanket and yes she did get it for christmas). Since then I have crocheted three blankets with about two months between. This is my favorite and so easy to follow. Once you get going it just seems to grow right before your eyes. Of course it does, but its just amazing. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

earbended wrote
on May 21, 2010 5:39 PM

on Jul 28, 2010 1:35 PM

Hi Stephanie....I am so glad I found this pattern because I over bought worsted weight in two colors and didn't know what to do with them.

I have a question though....I sell on Etsy.com http://grannyscraftattic.etsy.com and am wondering if I would have your permission to sell the FINISHED PRODUCT and give credit to you as being the author of the pattern.  Please let me know.

Thank you

Judi ~ Granny's Craft Attic

scarroll wrote
on Aug 25, 2010 9:34 AM

Hi Stephanie,

Did you carry the yarn up the sides or cut them after every color change? Just started this blanket for one of my sons, doing in it red, royal blue and grey. Love the pattern!

Jewelz57 wrote
on Sep 12, 2010 2:40 PM

I would love to make this blanket as a throw for a king sized bed.  The bed is about 76 inches wide... I have no idea how many to chain on.  I would also add some to the length.

I have a yarn that is 7 oz. so I 'm not sure how many skeins to buy...

I do love this pattern... and would love any help you can give me.  You can email me at...




nhawke wrote
on Nov 7, 2010 3:34 PM

Hi, I love this pattern but I'm a little confused on the row after the starting row.  Should it look like there is a hole in the beginning because of starting at the 5th stitch from the hook?

I have attached a picture of what I'm talking about...

Please help!

Thanks soooo much!


deenapeena wrote
on Nov 15, 2010 6:51 AM

I am having the exact same problem as  nhawke  - I have a "hole" at the beginning because the instructions say to start in the fifth stitch from the hook.  Please clarify!

on Dec 23, 2010 10:44 PM

I had the same problem as nhawke and deenapeena with the starting five stitch in on row 2 and row 3.  I love the pattern but am confused.

Please clarify.  

Thank you.

on Feb 3, 2011 12:03 PM
MarieMead wrote
on Mar 1, 2011 12:14 AM

I think I just found my nexr blanket project, except, I am not sure what is a hdc. :(


Maria850 wrote
on Oct 21, 2012 4:42 AM

For those having issues  with having a hole at the begining, there should not be one. Placing a stitch 5 spaces away from the hook should include the 3 chains plus two stitches from the previous row. 


A hdc = half double crochet. It should be started like a double crochet, but instead of pulling through two loops, you should pull through three. Then move on to your next stitch. 


For starting a new color without cutting your yarn, this is an excellent video for that: http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Tutorials/How-to-Color-Change-without-Knots/ct/1

Mysweetbella wrote
on Dec 13, 2012 8:50 AM

I love this pattern. Is this printable?

Mysweetbella wrote
on Dec 13, 2012 8:50 AM

I love this pattern. Is this printable?

Anne201312 wrote
on Dec 8, 2013 6:00 PM

I found this pattern and am just starting it.  I'm doing a blanket for my in-laws.  They're Cal Berkeley alum, so, of course, I chose blue and gold/yellow.  I'm still new at this, so upon reaching the end of the first row, I sadly realized I messed up earlier in the line.  Sooooooo, I had to unravel all the way back the the first two waves :-\.  But, I learned to count and mark every twelfth chain to confirm I was on the right track throughout :-)  I'm on the second row with the 2nd color and moving along smoothly.  It's much easier now that the first row is set.  Great pattern, thanks!

shadowsgirl wrote
on Jun 3, 2014 5:54 PM

I am working on this afghan now in purple and white for someone. I love the pattern.

shadowsgirl wrote
on Jun 25, 2014 6:55 PM

I love this pattern. I'm making an afghan for a friend of mine and she wanted purple and white.

ACharmedLife wrote
on Mar 22, 2015 7:01 PM

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but if the pattern can be enlarged by adding 12 to the beginning chain, can it also be reduced by subtracting 12?  I'd like to make this pretty blanket, but just a tiny bit smaller.  Thanks!

angela du wrote
on Mar 24, 2015 1:18 PM

I really like this , I just have to keep remembering to translate to UK terms x

angela du wrote
on Mar 24, 2015 1:18 PM

I really like this , I just have to keep remembering to translate to UK terms x

gg2011oma wrote
on Mar 26, 2015 5:25 PM