Free Crochet Headband Pattern - Quick Winter Headband

Jan 2, 2008
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This crochet headband pattern can be made in a fairly short amount of time with less than 1 ½ ounces of yarn. The ties allow it to be adjustable to different size heads, as well as reduce the bulky feel. The possibilities to customize it are endless!

Materials List

1 ½ oz (40 g) any worsted weight yarn
4.25 mm hook

Yarn needle

Finished Size

approx 3 inches wide before edging; approx 17 inches not including ties


Approx. 4 stitches per inch

Approx. 4 rows per inch


This looks nice with a variegated yarn. Any stitch could be used to vary the look. When determining the exact size of your headband, take into account whether your chosen stitch has much stretch or not.

The Pattern


Ch 4

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch and across, ch 1, turn

Row 2: (2 sc) in 1st st, sc 1, (2 sc) in last ch, ch 1, turn

Row 3: sc across, ch 1, turn

Row 4: (2 sc) in 1st st, sc to next to last st, (2 sc) in last st, ch 1, turn

Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until you have 13 stitches. Work one row of plain sc, ch 1, turn. Now you are ready to begin your pattern. Feel free to insert any stitch pattern.

Pattern Row: dc in first stitch, *skip 1 stitch, work (sc, dc) in next stitch; repeat from * until there are two stitches remaining. skip 1 stitch, sc in the turning chain of the previous row, ch 1, turn

Work your pattern until it reaches approximately 12 inches from the start of your pattern (do not count the sc). See notes section about different stitches. If your stitch stretches a lot (like sc rib), you may want to work less than 12 inches. If your stitch doesn’t stretch much, you may want more, depending on the size of your head. The examples stretch some, so I made the pattern section 12 inches.

When you finish your pattern stitches, continue:

Row 1 (of decresases): Sc dec 2 st, sc to last 2 st, sc dec, ch 1, turn

Row 2: sc across, ch 1, turn

Repeat these Rows 1 and 2 until you have 3 stitches remaining. Now you are ready to do the sc border and ties. READ THE ENTIRE NEXT SECTION BEFORE YOU BEGIN.

Ch 1, sc around the headband. Sc 3 in corners. When you reach the 3 sc at each end, sc in 1st 2 stitches, then ch approx 7 inches. Slip stitch in 2nd ch and across. When you reach the base, sc in the 2nd ch again, then continue around. When you get back to where you started, join to the first sc with a slip stitch. You may want to ss once more for extra stability. Fasten off and weave in ends. Tie to fit your head. You can leave it tied and just pull it on and off if you leave it slightly loose.

* This pattern was edited 18 September 2008 for clarity.

The author has licensed this page under a Creative Commons License. Some rights reserved.

For another wonderful crochet headband pattern, check out the accessories eBook from Crochet Me.

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CarCarter wrote
on Nov 8, 2014 3:41 PM
HoopMamma wrote
on Feb 17, 2015 11:06 AM

Just an FYI this pattern has an omission in the Grit stitch/ pattern row. The omission is only on this website version the PDF is correct and comes out perfect but this is missing a stich that had me ripping back and reworking my whole ear warmer (only a quarter done thank goodness). Below I coppied what you have above.  

"Pattern Row: dc in first stitch, *skip 1 stitch, work (sc, dc) in next stitch; repeat from * until there are two stitches remaining. skip 1 stitch, sc in the turning chain of the previous row, ch 1, turn"

From your PDF of the pattern for the same part. 

Row 1: ch 1, (sc, dc) in first stitch, skip one stitch, *(sc, dc) in next stitch, skip one stitch,

repeat from *, sc in last st.

Row 2: ch 1, turn, (sc, dc) in first sc, skip dc, *(sc, dc) in next sc, skip dc, repeat from *, sc

in last sc.

I underlined and bolded the section of each that has the discrepency so it's easier to spot. Just wanted to let you know and make it clear to anyone else trying to follow the pattern from the website instead of the PDF. 

Otherwise this was a dream to whip up and I really enjoyed making it. Can't wait to give it to my mother in law. I crocheted a rose to go on it. So, pretty! Thanks for a great pattern!

on Sep 25, 2015 2:02 PM

Thanks for the update. Here in Atlanta, a lot of us enjoy this type of thing and have even formed our own little meetup group! I'm trying to get my friend to add it to his list of Atlanta Things to Do so that when people are looking for really interesting things to do or meetups, we can all crochet til our heart's content!