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Apr 5, 2008
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Sarah Margaret Crittenden


My sister has a collection of little boxes so I like making them for her. They are great for gifting small things, and they are just so darn cute!

Materials List

small amount of yarn, any type, any weight ( I use one strand light pink fingering weight wool, one strand light purple fingering weight wool, and one strand glittery silver cotton thread all held together for the example shown here)

any size hook (I used a 00/3.5 mm hook for the example shown here)

Finished Size

the size varies with choice of yarn and hook (the example shown here is about 2 inches, 5 cm tall and about 3 inches,7.5 cm wide)


gauge does not apply


This pattern is worked in the round without joining rounds unless stated in pattern.

The choice of yarn and hook is up to you, but may I suggest that you choose a combination that results in nice tight stitches for a stiff fabric.

Another way to vary the size of your box is to change the number of stitches you work into the beginning adjustable ring of each piece 

Yet another way, is to skip or add rounds from the pattern ( I suggest rounds 4 and/or 5 )make sure you skip/add rounds from both bottom and top pieces! 

To avoid a lot of counting tediousness, mark the first stitch of each round as you go. I use a contrasting color yarn tucked into the stitch, some people use earrings, or even those stitch markers they make for this very purpose!

The Pattern


1. make a magic adjustable ring

2. 6sc in ring, tighten

3. 2sc in each sc, (12 stitches total)

4. 2sc in each sc, (24 stitches)

5.(2sc in next stitch, one sc in next stitch) repeat to end (36 stitches)

6. 1sc in each sc (36 stitches)

7. repeat round 6 until desired height, end with a sl st, tie off (the example shown here has 7 rounds of round 6) 


1. make adjustable ring

2. 6sc in ring, join with a sl st

3. ch 2, 2dc in next stitch, 3dc in each sc to end do not join (18 stitches)

4. (2sc in next stitch, 1 sc in next stitch) repeat to end (30 stitches)

5. repeat round 4 (45 stitches)

6. 1sc in each sc to end (45 stitches)

7. repeat round 6 until desired height, end with  a sl st, tie off ( the example shown here has 4 rounds of round 6)


this part is where you can get creative and use whatever you want as a handle. Here are a couple of suggestions. Do embelish!



1. make adjustable ring

2. 6sc in ring, tighten and sew to outside top of box



1. make adjustable ring

2. 4sc in ring, tighten

3. turn, ch 1, 2sc in next stitch, 1sc in next stitch, 2sc in next stitch, tie off and sew to outside top of box

weave in all ends

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ChristieP@2 wrote
on Apr 6, 2008 3:30 PM

So cute! :) A good place for my earrings, stitch markers, and hair clips! :) I'll probably windup making about 10 of these! Thanks for sharing this!

on Apr 8, 2008 5:22 AM

I am glad you like it. Yes, they become addictive! It is fun to play with all kinds of variations - add beads!!

mad for crochet!

JolieA wrote
on Apr 9, 2008 11:02 AM
I love this idea. I have no place for my hair clips - My husband wants my hair long so I keep alot of clips, barrette's, ties, etc. Plus I like the idea of gifts.
This is great. I have so many projects I would like to do and no time to do them UGH.

These are on my list.

on Aug 7, 2008 3:42 AM

I love this pattern! I have been searching for some nice little boxes to use as gift boxes, and yours comes out exactly the way I wanted them to look. Thank you so much!

*crochet hugs*

Emma-SophiaR wrote
on Aug 7, 2008 3:52 AM

Too right! They are sooooooo cute. Thanks, Sophia

a-to-z wrote
on Jan 19, 2010 12:29 PM

How do you make a magic ring?