Is this a dagger I see before me?

Jan 19, 2009
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Be kind, I only started crocheting in November. This is my first truly original pattern, which was designed for my local youth theatre. The dagger on the left is not being used, for some unknown reason.

Materials List

double knit wool, 4mm hook, stuffing, needle cardboard and scissors.

Finished Size

up to you


not important

The Pattern

work both loops in rounds continuously.
instructions are a bit woolly (forgive the pun) but this is to allow freedom of size, plus my inability to be accurate.
cut the shape of a dagger blade, out of two thin pieces of card or one piece if thicker. This "shaper" should be roughly 2" wide, length is up to you, but bare in mind it should extend into the handle. Remember to give this a point


starting at the point, DC 6 into a magic loop and tighten
2dc in each stitch in the round
SC in each stitch for 8 rounds
at this point insert the cardboard strengthener and continue to SC in each stitch until you're happy with the length, allowing for hilt and handle. You may find it easier to stitch in back loop only.

The Hilt.
Fsc 18, join as loop without twisting and SC in each stitch in the round until you have a tube long enough to wrap comfortably around the blade. Stuff and sew into a doughnut then attach to blade.


6sc in a magic loop, tighten
next 3 rounds 2sc in each stitch
stitching in front loop only sc in each stich of round
and from now on in both, continue to sc in each until you have a tube the depth of your fist.
Place over cardboard and stuff.
Finally stitch handle to hilt.

This latest has no hilt, like I say, it's a flexible pattern.

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bmarchaj wrote
on Jan 20, 2009 3:51 PM

This is so not meant to offend!!!! I just think the sword on the right doesn't look just like, well, a SWORD.... It's the pink I think!!!

But still a cool idea for kids!

millerqueen wrote
on Jan 20, 2009 6:33 PM

I was given the instruction to make a doughnut dagger, which I saw as something with frosting and sprinkles on the upper reaches, what you choose to see it as is entirely up to you ;)

which is why I changed the design somewhat.

bmarchaj wrote
on Jan 20, 2009 6:36 PM

Like I said.... just what I saw!! But I really didn't mean to offend. I still think it's a killer idea..... I'm actually thinking of making them for my office (I'm a counselor) and letting kids use them to blow off steam.

Queeny1 wrote
on Sep 13, 2009 10:10 PM

I do love that dagger (and the Dalek you have on your desk behind hehe)

I'm working on all kinds of D&D props and classic creatures for my D&D friends, that dagger will the great for a thiefy friend of mine :)

Paula619 wrote
on Nov 18, 2010 2:00 PM

I was skimming by patterns and I saw this and I had to stop to get a second glance.  At first I thought, isnt this a family site?!?! and im going to have to agree with bmarchaj when she says "the sword on the right doesnt, look like a sword"

A very cool pattern though, You just gotta use the right colour of wool.  It was the pink tip that threw me off.

Im gonna be making one of these fo my boy! He loves sword fights!