Mesh-up Afghan

Dec 8, 2009
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by Elijah K.


This grows quickly, and it's done with a chunky, bulky yarn and a large hook to make it grow even faster!

Materials List

Yarn: Chunky or bulky weight, wool or alpaca blend

Hook: Whatever fits, preferably 16 mm (S)

Finished Size



not important


picot: hdc, ch 4, sl st in same hdc

shell st: hdc 2, dc 3, hdc 2, all in same st

The Pattern

Ch 129 loosely.

Row 1: Tch of 4, tr 4, *(ch 3, sk 3, tr into next st) 3 times, tr 4, repeat from * until 12 sts from the end of the row, (ch 3, sk 3, tr into next st) 3 times.

Even rows (2-56): Tch of 4, *ch 3, sk 3, tr 5, (ch 3, sk 3, tr into next st) twice, repeat from * until end of the row, make last tr into the tch.

Odd rows (3-55):Tch of 4, same as Row 1, amd make last tr into the tch.

Row 57: Tch of 2, * picot, sk 1, shell, sk 1, repeat from * until at the end of the row, picot into the tch. Note: Even if you are above a chain-space, always picot or shell into the chain.

Cut yarn, pull through, cut both ends to 5 cm, and weave them in.

Have fun!

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Lyda Rengers wrote
on Dec 11, 2009 2:09 AM

Good morning, i am searching for the image if the Mesh-up Afghan. Where can i find one, please? Greetings, Lyda.

tcup wrote
on Jan 25, 2010 9:19 AM

I would also like to see an image of the afghan.  Also, what is Tch of 4?  Oh, chain 4 for turning chain?

ladyjewell wrote
on Apr 1, 2010 8:21 AM

an image of what this looks like would be nice and I am also confused but the Tch reference.

elefsis wrote
on Apr 18, 2010 5:58 PM

If I am not mistaken, "Tch" in this case would mean triple crochet in the  X chain from the hook.  So looking at row 1, triple crochet in the 4th chain from the hook.

At the beginning of row 2, triple crochet in the 4th stitch. At the end of the row, triple crochet in the beginning triple crochet.