Hat Ornament aka The Beer Bottle Hat

Dec 18, 2009
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Sarah Lytle


So I have to do a Secret Santa at work this coming week and so I thought I'd do something really quick and really easy. Therefore: The Hat Ornament. Its the perfect 5 minute gift for a secret santa or last minute present for someone's tree.

Materials List

Scrap yarn is perfect for this. Anything you have in your scrap pile should work.

An H Hook

Finished Size

About the size of your palm and fits perfectly on the top of a glass bottle.


No Gauge... sorry!

The Pattern

To begin the hat, you can either use the magic ring method or ch 3 and then ss in the first stitch to make a loop.

Rd 1: sc 6 times in the loop (6)

Rd 2: sc twice in each st (12)

Rd 3: sc one in the first st, sc two in the next - repeat 5 times (18)

Rd 4: sc one in each st (18)

Rd 5-12: Repeat rd 4 (18)

Fasten off.

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on Dec 20, 2009 10:08 AM

Wow...! With a little tweaking, this could be a mini Jayne Cobb hat! Perfect! :D

-And the Mome Raths Outgrabe-

pateiwah wrote
on Feb 25, 2010 10:35 AM

this is neet!  I FINALLY  have a grandaughter and I have been making and aquiring barbie clothes for when she gets a bit older.this would be great for barbie, ken etc.

ok -grandaughter is 18mos old -  but she has to be spoiled - right?