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I'm self taught close to 70 years ago. When I met my future in-laws, MOM had BEAUTIFUL doilies on her davenport and in admiring them I asked who 'knitted' them.  My dear SWEET Mom-in-law, told me that it was crocheting and I determined to learn how. Went to the local ("5 & 10 Cent Store") to get a book, and hunted & hunted for a book on crocheting, which seemed to me, to be nonexistent. Finally a clerk noticed me & had pity, cuz she asked if she could help. Told her what I was looking for and she pointed them out to me. WOW! THERE WERE TONS of books on what I thought was CROTCH-IT-ING. The booklet cost me all of 5 cents & NO sales tax back then either. I've made MANY, MANY doilies (Pineapple, my FAVORITE) and afghans, Baby gifts, (matching afghan, sweater, bonnet and booties)