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47 years old
In the land of the LOONS or Reading

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Well, hmmm... Profiles-what to say- Let's see... I'm a 44 year old disabled wife and mother of one child, a daughter now 22 years old.

I love my husband, which is a good thing as I don't think I'd ever want to get married to anyone ever again...ugh...train another man???Stick out tongue

I have a funny, beautiful affenpinscher, Ruby, who you can see with her "giving me the raspberries" face on my avatar.

I've been crocheting since, well it feels like forever.  I've taught over 237 other women and younger girls how to crochet, and to date they are all still crocheting and learning more and more. 

Four or Five years ago I tripped across an ebay item that said "Save money, spin your own wonderful yarn"...and I've been spinning ever since.  When most people think of spinning their own yarn, they think of knitters, like Ann Budd a wonderful person who knits mostly but also crochets & also now spins.  Apparently she couldn't take the ribbing she was getting from her "in the knitting world" buddies who were tormenting her to learn to spin.  She is a natural and wonderful spinner by the way. She is also unfailingly kind and I'm lucky to have had the pleasure of getting to know her at least a little bit.

I'm currently trying my hand at weaving, making the beginnings of a bag for myself, no pattern, no design, I'm just winging it...sort of free form-which is usually how I crochet also.

I used to paint clothing, stamp, scrapbook, make paper, tried my hand at making jewelry-I don't have that gift though I can fix jewelry now, and many other crafts, until I entered the wonderful world of fiber and my craft room started to get tighter and tighter.

Now I stick to spinning my own yarn, crochet, loom knitting(can't needle knit anymore-peripheral nerve damage to my left side, arm, hand, leg, foot etc), punch needle & stitched embroidery, needle and wet felting, pretty much anything that involves fiber, yarn, string, floss, fabric what I like to do.

I occasionally sell things, only what I make out of my own head, and I would really love for some help in writing down my own patterns, which I am terrible at.

I love to take walks with my little pup, Ruby, the avatar again...and I love to laugh.  I am in constant chronic pain, but most people don't know it, because along with being very hyperactive (oh yeah-just ask my hubby or daughter), I'm almost always pleasant, at least I do my best to be, and I rarely complain except to my best friend, and she's used to she can make me laugh at my "misery" which helps.

I used to read quite a lot and had books all over my house, made my husband tease me that we'd have an extra room in our house if I got rid of my books...
Now, with my disability, and more so the medications, I fall asleep if I try to read for too long.Sleep   Plus Ruby interferes with me reading because when I'm holding a book, I'm not petting her.
Funny though, she knows that when I've got fiber or yarn on my lap, that it's time to let me be for an hour or so and I'll pet her when I need to take a break.
She and I walk so much I'm always surprised when she has enough energy to push whatever I'm doing out of my hands for some attention.

I love to cook and with the internet I'm trying recipes that I never would have thought of.  People that have had my cooking tell me that I'm a good cook, and my family has never complained even down to the youngest great-grandchild of my husbands.  I was fortunate to have married a man who, while he was married before, gave me a full compliment of grandchildren who are now giving us great-grandchildren at this time.  Most of our family members live fairly close, though the best ones, whom we used to spend a lot of time with, kids-grandkids & the great-grandkids, are living in Ocean City Maryland, which is a 4 hour drive from Reading, PA which is the city we are one township north of, in Pennsylvania.

I take some time each week to play pogo, an online gaming site that I'm a member of.  I have a lot of on-line buddies through pogo and facebook.

I can't think of much more that anyone would want to know about me.

OH-I do tend to "give the shirt off my back" to friends, but my husband does his best to control me with that type of thing.
And, I recently used a 50% off coupon at Walmart to buy a Knooking Kit with 3 knooking hooks and a guide to knooking book with a few patterns in it.  I'm hoping that once I get started with it, it will translate into making lots of other things other than the scarves and wash cloths that seem to be the first patterns they always give you in a "new type" of needle crafting.

Feel free to ask me to be friends, one can never have enough friends.

If anyone is interested in learning how to spin, I can whip up some fairly nice hand spindles, and I'll throw in some fiber also, if you tell me what your favorite color is-or just cream colored if you'd like to try one of the many fun ways to dye woolen fibers.  There are A Lot  of YouTube videos on hand spinning, which is how I learned to spin.  If I can learn to spin that way, then anyone can!

If there is anything that anyone ever needs, ask me first, $/cash-don't have much-living on a very tight budget in this house-as are most people these days, but crafting supplies-there I can help most people!Yes

Blessings to anyone who comes along and reads this-hope I wasn't too wordy... Wink


PS-If any of you prefer to talk via cell phone or texting, email me and I'd be happy to give you my phone number.