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in the woods of north Florida Cherry Lake

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I have crochet for over 35 years and have enjoyed it and knitting and sewing equally. I think that crochet is the most satisfying for speed. I love color, the sensation of the yarn flowing thru my fingers and the surprise and interested looks as I speed along without seeming to look at my work. I have great peripherial vision  and I have usually gecided on gauge and style before a peice is worked on publicly. I recall one office visit when I realized that I had a terminal error and had to rip. the whole room gasped, startling me. I shook my head and said "if it's wrong ,it's wrong". I still had the yarn wrapped up and had started again before the Dr was ready. I live with my husband in North Fla, we have 2 grown children and 2 granbabies. I love God and pray as I work my craft.