My Bio

I am a well...ditch doctor by trade and an artist by passion. Ok, well how about this... a DitchDoc by trade with a want to be an artist heart?I live my life under the lights one mile at a time, sometimes one block at a time. Call by call. Somedays, I don't see the street and spend my "day" on the other end of a phone, still, call by call.

Surronded my whole life by some variation of art I have a need for it. I learned very young how to rug hook. But slowly traded that to learn how to silk screen and sign work, as my father was a silk sceener and sign maker by trade. When I was younger, my mother was an oil painter, but slowly lost touch with her oils and canvas for the day to day calls of duty. My grandmother was always making dolls. She loved dolls. They were her life. She found comfort in them. My aunts have as long as I can remember, have been wrapped up in yarn. Outside, of the bits and pieces of different arts I spent my time in the written arts and photography; arts that I seem to have drifted from the last few years.

I recently started teaching myself how to crochet. I tried to teach myself how to knit with a kids "teach yourself how to knit". So, with that I discoverd I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader. I was not completely willing to give up on yarn. My whole life I wanted to learn a craft that would allow me to leave something with use and purpose behind when my days were up. I also had this need to find something to make me feel closer to my grandmother I had recently lost. Shortly, there after I found a teach yourself how to crochet kit. I was so lost, but determined. I could not make heads or tails of the directions and my fingers were more lost than my mind! So internet bound, I found help in the most unlikely of places. YOU TUBE. They talked me right through it. I could see exactly what the book had been trying to tell me all along! Now, I am still working on learning. I am hoping one day maybe, just maybe I can make a piece that my grandmother, my aunts, my step-daughter, my husband, but more importantly, myself can be proud of.

So here is to learning and enjoying the experience!