45 years old
Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts, USA

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Otherwise known as Ms. Busy Fingers.

In my free time this winter I experimented a lot with dyeing yarn with natural stuff like oak bark and pine needles. The colors from nature are so alive! I've been crocheting for several years now - took to it with a vengeance! When I am not hookin, I take care of the rich people's gardens out here on this rock in the sea.


  • Mar 10, 2010
  • my patterns

    I appologize that some of my patterns are no longer available for free. I have spent a huge amount of time and effort improving them and I feel I have grown as a pattern writer. I feel strongly that Indy designers should ask for a little compensation for the hard work that goes into designing patterns. I hope to inspire more “unknowns” out there to start asking for a little compensation for their hard work and valuable skills. I believe this can raise the standards for quality and boost confidence in ourselves … as well as provide extra cash for more chocolate! ;) Thanks for listening to my thoughts on this subject!