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Des Moines

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My Bio

Hello Everyone :) my name is Steffi and im 22.
I'm from Des Moines, Iowa (Yeah i know the land of the Corn, lucky me huh? Stick out tongue
So a little about myself. I started crocheting oh lets see, about 4 years ago, but didn't really get into it until 2009 when i found the smart invention called "Youtube" Wink. The problem that i had was that i couldnt read crocheting patterns ( to this day i can't, my respect for the ones who do). So i started hiting up Youtube to learn new Stitches ect. (Here is a Quick BIG THANK YOU Star to the Ladys and Gentlemen that took there Time, sat down and video taped lessons and put on Youtube for Ppl like me. My respect to each and everyone of them).
But anyway, the more stitches i learned the more i got into it, and thought hey why not try to make a little "buisness" out of it! so i premade some potholders and baby blankets, just to start of little, cause who knows if it might sell.
The reason why i started crocheting was, in April of 2009 i found out that i have CMT (and no i do not mean Country Music Televison lol) the real name is Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder its a genetic thing were your nerves are damaged/Dead/-or Dieing. One sign of CMT are High arches and Hammer-Toes (which i have). There are diffrent types of CMT, i have the most common one, CMT1a. There are only 2 million People in the World that have it.
But enough of me trying to educate you guys Smile
Back to way i got into Crocheting. The reason was that my Feet were not doing so good, could hardly walk, stand ect. and a few months after that my Hands started, so of course i paniced. I tried finding things to do with my hands to at least keep them mobile, like Painting, Crafting and so on until i found my Grandmas (may she R.I.P) Crocheting Needle. So i thought why not give it a try, i still knew 2 Stitches from School.........and thats how everything got started Big Smile

But please no pitty or feeling sorry for me, i love what i do.
I have a great Fiance who suports everything i do and an adorable little Puppy that keeps me
Entertained and going Big Smile

But enough about me, if there is anyone who shares the same intrest i would love to hear from you Wink
Am always open for new exciting subjects Big Smile . And I am in desperate need of some Friends, giving the circumstances i dont leave the House alot.

If your intrested Check out my Shop YesNo