My Bio

     My love started at a young age. I learned to sew along with my grandmother when I was 6 years old. She wanted to make sure I could mend hems and attach buttons when I grew older with children of my own. My mom was very crafty, recovering old chairs, creating beautiful floral centerpieces, and making wall hangings. So I definitely inherited the best of both, because I love all things crafty!! My grandmother showed me how to crochet a doily when I was 25, I have been HOOKin' ever since. I knit, crochet, bead, and sew. I get inspired by yarn and fabric. I am always surrounded and swallowed alive by my growing fabric and yarn collection.
     I want you to “Discover Your Ability To SHINE!” I did!

     Tangela-Sharell is a new breed of fashion designer. Tangela studied Fashion Design at The International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago. Before leaving school Tangela had the opportunity to intern with Erika and Monika Simmons crochet designers of DoubleStitch. While interning she learned more about tailoring designs for the needs of her customers. She utilizes all her skills in sewing, knitting, crocheting, and beading to create garments that bring out the Jazzy, Sexy woman inside, she wants all women to "Discover Your Ability to SHINE!". Let the beauty from within SHINE! Tangela-Sharell created the SAZZY line with that in mind, from the creation of SAZZY spawned *SAZZYLADY Lingerie, *HOOKED on SAZZY, *SEW SAZZY, and *SAZZY Knits. SAZZY has you covered from the beach, to the club, and to the after party!!
As Tangela would say, “SHINE ON!"