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India (originally), New Jersey, USA (right now)

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I am a fidget who cannot sit idle for longer than 15mins. I always just have to have something to work on, or read, or listen to.
I have been knitting and crocheting since I was a kid and love it. My first project was a green boat neck sweater which I loved wearing. (I left it back home in India when me and hubby came to US.) Besides these I have tried my hand at almost every art and craft form that I came to know about.
I am Ambidextrous !! Yeah !! and I love challenging myself to make the same project with both my hands. Result…. I can now knit and crochet equally well with both my hands. I don’t even bother to turn the work sometimes, I simply work with my other hand. Its a lot of fun and my hands get the necessary rest they need.
Now I am working on increasing my knitting and crocheting speed. (I am already an above average knitter and crocheter in terms of speed but it would be interesting to test my limits.)

Having designed quite a few projects of my own I am now working on making them available on my Blog, Ravelry and Crochet Me slowly.