59 years old
Mandan, North Dakota

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My mom told me once I could crochet as fast as Grandma Meidinger, and I took that as a compliment. There's an every growing array of projects next to my spot on the couch. I weave, sew, photograph, knit and crochet just because. If I could quit my job I would be doing fiber full-time and selling on Etsy or Yardsellr. It is my dream to continue to design patterns and hopefully do a book someday as my background jobs included newspaper editor and marketing specialist for local food. I live in a beautiful secluded place on the Missouri River. Maybe this is the year I shoot a photo every morning out my front door and post it on Facebook. A documentary of sorts. My husband is also an avid photographer and we have a cat, wild turkeys, pheasants, deer and a large garden.