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My Bio

Hello, my name is Michelle. Here is a little background information about me.

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I live with my family in a small town in Australia.

I devote myself full time to building my website http://www.learn-how-to-crochet.com/, having retired from my florist business. The florist shop was totally consuming, being located one hour’s commute from home and requiring my presence at least 9.5 hours [often longer], per day, six and sometimes seven days a week.

This was exhausting mentally as well as physically and left no time for our daughter or recreation.

Before the florist business, my husband worked for many years in a dairy factory [shift work], only to be made suddenly redundant.

I searched the web for a home business that didn’t involve commuting, or cost a fortune to set up. Flexible working hours was important too.

I hadn’t worked for anyone in so long, I wanted self employment and a way to make money at home.

The purpose of my website is to share a love of crochet and to offer free information and patterns on our favorite hobby.