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Hi! I found this site while looking up amigurumi videos on You Tube, and I immediately thought it sounded like the place for me! I taught myself crocheting way back in 1995 or 1996--no small feat for a lefty, and without the Internet, to boot--but dropped it after a few small projects. After many, many years, I decided to revisit it and remember why I loved it.

Other crafting hobbies include knitting, cross-stitch, and latch hook.  Currently, I'm working on what I call "The Lego Pirate Ship" blanket for my fiancé husband (!), and it's taking a loooong time. But after that? I'm totally going to try making a cthulhu. :)

Other non-crafting hobbies: Cooking, video games (I love World of Warcraft), D&D (thanks to Jim for getting me into it), writing, reading, blogging, anything to do with herbalism and home remedies, Tarot cards, dreams, web development and programming, watching pretty much anything by Joss Whedon, and, if I ever get my hands on the books and the materials, I'll probably add building robots in there, heh.

And, um, I might err on the geeky side, if you didn't catch onto that. :-D