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I'm an advanced beginner/intermediate crocheter. I like to work from my head as well as from a pattern. I am 42, disabled, and raising a family in a very small rural community on a very limited budget. I often find myself looking for solutions to stretching supplies or aquiring materials. I will crochet with just about anything, though admittedly I have not quite gotten around to plarn yet. I'm still saving bags. Big Smile I've applied some very different materials to a few vintage crochet patterns due to the money factor. The results varied and A couple of my planned projects that are coming up include older patterns and materials not necessarily meant for crochet...we will see how they go. I have not yet ventured into clothing though I am thinking of starting to this winter; first with a shawl and then perhaps a child's sweater. Historically I come from a long female line of hand crafters that sew, knit, crochet, craft, bead, and etc...and a long male line of metal and wood workers that are/were very skilled in mechanics and engineering. I inherited the gifts of both but being a recalcitrant child I preferred working in electronics, machining, drafting, and graphic design. I shunned anything "domestic". It took disability to settle me down enough to apply my skills to a crochet hook. I love it and wish I had started sooner so I could have had the tutelage of both my great grandmother and my grandmother who lived well into my adulthood. Thankfully my mom paid attention and I can still go to her. I have in turn recently gotten my 21 year old hooked. Big Smile It is my goal to increase my skills in crochet and my self sufficiency by learning to knit and spin yarn as well. I joined crochetme in the hopes of meeting like minded folks, learning, and broadening my own ideas of crochet.