My Bio

My first attempt to crochet came from a dear Grandmotherly neighbor when I was a wee lass.  It didn't stick.  My next attempt was in Junior High School in the Home Ec classes.  I struggled with those classes, but my love of cooking and craft really started there.  After moving back up north, my Grandmother 's crocheted gifts sparked my interest again.  Through many stops and starts over the years, I am now back at it.  I have made bibs, blankets, caps, booties and many toys.  I have had classes in sock making and tunisian entralac (this was alot of fun and made a cute tote bag!)  I have made many items for those in need and have made many gifts for my grandbabies.  I read Crochet Today and Interweave Crochet magazines for inspiration and ideas.  Crochet items need not look like the gifts from years past, and I encourage those interested in learning a new skill to give it a try, do some reading, watch a video and take a class.  Find a yarn shop that has open crochet/knitting times and learn from others while honing your own skill.

These last years have been difficult.  My dear sweet ever supportive Mother passed away earlier this year following several years of illness.  I often sat with her, crocheting away the sadness.  My crochet mentor also left this earth, so I felt very much like a rudderless ship.  I turned to crochet and after amassing more stuffed toys than my living room can handle, I donated them to the local Children's Hospital.  They were so pleased to have received them.  Their goal is to give each child a blanket or toy.  By my estimation they serve over 500 kids a week (more for the NICU, hats & booties).  So if you are looking for an outlet for your passion of crochet gifts (knitted & sewn gifts also well received) please consider a local hospital or charity.