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I'm a 30 year old mother of a gorgeous one year old, and I've been crochetting since I was four with my grandmother, however, she used to read the patterns aloud to me instead of teaching me to read a pattern myself.  Hehe.  Since her passing, I've taught myself how to read patterns, and right now, the only things I'm having a problem with are:

  1. Making my own patterns from scratch.
  2. Yarn substitutions.

If you have any resource materials that would be good for each of those, PLEASE let me know.  None of us are ever really done learning in this WONDERFUL and underrated hobby! 

While I make baby stuff for the people that bother me, my current quest is to seek out stuff that I can wear now.  I've been snatching up books and magazines with styles that are not only cute, but reasonable to make.  (who wants to spend four weeks making a sweater that cost you $100 in yarn, and you see something similar for $25 premaid at Old Navy? Huh?)  It seems, though every time I pick up my hooks, I always get too many requests from friends to make their kids something cute to wear, then end up burnt out.  My hooks get put into the closet and forgotten until one day I find something that I actually want to make.  Then I always end up wondering why I stopped crochetting in the first place LOL.  It's something that relaxes me as I'm sure it does for many of us.

When I'm hooking away, I'm usually roleplaying (vampire: the masquerade).  If you're an RPer, you should check out my site!