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In my 50's, live in Surrey, UK... I have been knitting since I was little, making dolls clothes, in particular  roll neck  sweaters for Barbies, although I had to remove their heads to get the sweaters on!  I love wool!!  I get all fluttery and excited just looking at my stash of wool planning what to make for my next project..  I learnt Crochet about 40 years ago by an elderly friend and made baby clothes, afghans and maternity smocks, turned to sewing for a number of years and recently took up crochet again which I am now "hooked" on..I have made a number of afghans but now love hats... having sold over 150 now on the internet, all my own designs with flowers, no two hats are the same.. it is so exciting to make your own designs... Now I am interested in crochet bags... the designs could be endless..  I love crochet as you can make something and if it isnt quite right its not a disaster to undo it and start again.

Now my mum who is a great crafter, having made beautiful patchwork quilts in the past and made all our clothes when we were small has recently  turned her skills to knitting fabulous socks and is now learning a new skill.... Crochet!  So now we are a pair of "hookers"  and share lots of tips and ideas.  We have found you are never to old to learn something new.