My Bio

"e" Lee at The Crochet Lounge was exposed to the fiber arts since she was a baby. It just wasn't time for her to pick it up until she was pregnant with her own almost 27 years later. A year prior to her first pregnancy, scarves were the only things she could crochet; patterns and charts didn't make much sense, and the hat attempts all turned into circular potholders. Miraculously, upon deciding to crochet for her baby, all patterns, written or charted became easy overnight - literally.

Her crochet patterns are created in harmony with what is exuding abundance of love and joy in the expression of shapes and stitches. She is inspired by beauty in nature, and pure love expressed. All of this, bundled with fun, frill, excitement and gratitude to the friendship in the fiber community is the creation of The Crochet Lounge.