Easy Steps to Altering Crochet Plus 4 Free Garment Crochet Patterns

Customize a Crochet Tunic, Blouse and Pullover with this Free Download

Let’s face it. We are not all built the same and that is a good thing. But it can be frustrating to fall in love with a crochet pattern only to realize that if you were to choose the proper bust size, your finished garment will end up with too much fabric at the hips or waist. Instead of being frustrated with fit, try modifying the pattern to create a crochet blouse, tunic, or garment that is custom fit for your body.

In this free eBook, you’ll discover Doris Chan’s invaluable article on shaping crochet patterns for women as well as four free crochet sweater patterns for women, perfect for practicing your newfound pattern modification skills. So download these free crochet patterns for women plus shaping guide, and find your perfect fit today.

Download your free crochet patterns for women plus shaping guide.
Arm yourself with tips on shaping crochet patterns for women.

From seamless crochet and using positive and negative ease, to top down crochet, you’ll love all this free eBook has to offer!

With this eBook, 4 Free Crochet Patterns for Women Plus Shaping Guide, you’ll be creating beautiful crochet blouses, sweaters, and more that will fit you perfectly. Discover seamless crochet with our top down sweater pattern, or how simple a crochet pullover vest pattern can be. Download these free crochet sweater patterns for women and get started today!

Shaping and Using Negative and Positive Ease: Shaping Part Deux

Shaping and Using Negative and Positive Ease

Shaping Part Deux by Doris Chan

Shaping Part Deux will walk you through bust shaping for adding just the right amount of positive ease, waist shaping for positive or negative ease, and hip shaping either in conjunction with waist shaping or as its own modification. Doris’ helpful suggestions are perfect for almost any stitch pattern, from a crochet lace top like the China Doll to the solid double crochets of the Ripple-Lace V-Neck Top.

Crochet Tunic Pattern: China Doll

#1: Crochet Tunic Pattern

China Doll design by Doris Chan

Doris Chan’s China Doll was designed in combination with her article on shaping. This top down crochet tunic pattern includes instructions for modifying the shaping at the bust, waist, and hip. Inspired by traditional Chinese costume, this crochet lace top was inspired by one of Doris’ mother’s engagement dresses.

Crochet Blouse Pattern: Queen Anne’s Lace Blouse

#2: Crochet Blouse Pattern

Queen Anne’s Lace Blouse by Monica Welle Brown

The Queen Anne’s Lace Blouse by Monica Welle Brown was inspired by the femininity of Victorian tops. This crochet blouse pattern is shaped similar to that of a tailored blouse with a bit more ease in the front than the back. The body of this crochet blouse is worked first, and then the bib is worked separately and sewn into the body before finishing the collar.

Crochet Pullover Pattern: Ripple-Lace V-neck Top

#3: Crochet Pullover Pattern

Ripple-Lace V-neck Top design by Christine L. Walter

The Ripple-Lace V-Neck Top by Christine L. Walter is a great easy crochet pullover pattern to modify. The body of this vest is worked in double crochet and the lace hem is crocheted using a larger hook size to emphasize the simple chevron peak-a-boo stitch. Try working this vest with a little negative ease.

Crochet Lace Top Pattern: Cubist Asymmetrical Cardigan

#4: Crochet Lace Top Pattern

Cubist Asymmetrical Cardigan by Megan Granholm

Adding a twist to classical lines, the Cubist Asymmetrical Cardigan by Megan Granholm is the perfect crochet lace top for any season. Crocheted in a gorgeous wool/silk blend, this sweater boasts a subtle lace fabric, clean lines, and an eye-catching diagonal buttoned front.

What are you waiting for? Download your free guide to shaping plus four free patterns for crochet blouses, vests and sweaters!

In this informative article, you will learn how to create additional bust shaping using the wedge, waist shaping, and working with the flare of hip shaping. Use this information to modify any crochet pattern to fit you. The accompanying four free crochet patterns are the perfect place to start. You will learn how to modify crochet worked in a shell stitch pattern or simple half double crochet.

Try your hand and crochet shaping with one of the included four free patterns. From a top down sweater pattern to asymmetrical construction to waist and hip shaping, these crochet tops are the perfect opportunity to test your new skills. Get your free eBook and learn to modify your crochet patterns.

Learn about shaping a crochet pullover, blouse, and sweater with this free eBook.