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  • End the Winter with a Little Baby Crochet

    Like many states in the United States, we are just coming out of a late winter snow storm. Ice and slush coat the roads, and I want to huddle up next to the fire with a warm afghan (crocheted of course) and my next crochet project—a cotton crochet blanket. Yes, it is 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside...
    Posted to Crochet Daily by Toni Rexroat on Feb 28, 2013
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  • Little Stitches, Big Reward

    Spring is an ideal time to whip up a few crochet projects for the babies in your life. I have a new niece and several friends with little ones on the way, so as I sat down to decide what new crochet patterns to add to this fabulous free eBook, I kept their needs in mind. Every new baby needs a warm crochet...
    Posted to Crochet Daily by Toni Rexroat on May 17, 2012
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  • Crochet for a Cause

    Crocheters are an amazing, wonderful group of people. I see so much love going into every stitch, and so often that love and attention is going to someone we don't even know. There's a lot of need in the world; pretty much everywhere you turn there are people who are suffering and struggling...
    Posted to Sarah Read's Blog by Sarah Read on Mar 6, 2011
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  • Irresistible Little Crochet

    With the holidays so quickly approaching, I know I should have spent the entire weekend finishing up—or even in some cases beginning—all of my last minute gifts. I had the best intentions of whipping out at least three quick gifts this last Saturday. I settled myself on the couch with a good...
    Posted to Crochet Me Blog by Toni Rexroat on Dec 16, 2010
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