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  • 4 Tips for the Perfect Crocheted Bag

    I have a bit of a bag obsession. I own more bags than anyone should possibly be able to use, but I never seem to lack for a crochet project to carry in each one. So I was excited to watch Knitting Daily Episode 809, Carry-All. In this episode, Kristin Omdahl illustrates a few tips for a better crocheted...
    Posted to How to Crochet by Toni Rexroat on Jan 26, 2012
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  • Seamless Crochet Blog Tour and Giveaways!

    If you know anything about author and designer Kristin Omdahl, you know that she's constantly working. It seems as though she never puts down those crochet hooks and knitting needles! When one book is off to the printer, she's already working on the next-sketching, designing, writing and dreaming...
    Posted to Toni Rexroat's Blog by Toni Rexroat on Jan 25, 2012
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  • Quick Holiday Crochet Projects

    'Tis the season for quick gifts ! Here are a hat and cowl that I crocheted for a co-worker over the past two weeks. I used Brown Sheep Lanaloft, which is a great wool: a soft, worsted single with a bit of shine to it, and a 5 mm hook. The hat is a simple one: double crochet in spiral rounds from...
    Posted to Sarah Read's Blog by Sarah Read on Dec 21, 2011
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  • Crochet Gifts

    Last Minute Gift Ideas Interweave Crochet Fall 2009 Happy Thanksgiving! The holidays are quickly creeping up on us. If you are looking for a few last minute gifts , or want to spoil yourself without stressing your checkbook, I would suggest checking out the sale at the Crochet Me Shop . You will find...
    Posted to Crochet Me Blog by Toni Rexroat on Nov 24, 2011
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  • A Handmade Holidays: Diving into Interweave Crochet Accessories 2011

    Greetings All! As I head into Thanksgiving and the holidays, thoughts about gift-giving go into overdrive. This year I FINALLY started making gifts early enough to have something handmade for everyone on my list. Most of the credit goes to Accessories 2011 , and the fact that those projects started arriving...
    Posted to Sharon Zientara's Blog by Sharon Zientara on Nov 23, 2011
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  • Stop Me Before I Crochet Another Seafoam Shawl!

    I may need an intervention. Here are my three versions of the Seafoam Shawl by Kimberly K. McAlindin from Crochet Accessories 2011 . I can't promise there won't be another. The lacy edge reminds me of the seafoam at the edge of the shore, right after a wave has receded, leaving behind sand, pebbles...
    Posted to Marcy Smith's Blog by Marcy Smith on Nov 18, 2011
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  • The First Official Interweave Crochet Accessories 2011 CAL!

    Welcome to the first official Interweave Cro chet Accessories 2011 CAL! For the kick-off of what's sure to be many CAL's from this amazing issue I'm inviting you all to join me in making...drum roll please...the Fancywork Cloche by Simona Merchant-Dest. In the spirit of the season, I really...
    Posted to Sharon Zientara's Blog by Sharon Zientara on Nov 10, 2011
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