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  • Crochet Scarves: Our Free Gift to You

    I hope you are able to spend time with family and loved ones today. Wonderful food, lots of laughter, and a few handmade gifts have been exchanged in my home. Later, we will be bundling up and heading outdoors for a little more fun. But first, I have one more gift to give. As our gift to you, we hope...
    Posted to Crochet Daily by Toni Rexroat on Dec 25, 2014
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  • Granny Squares Galore

    If your office is anything like mine, things are pretty slow right now. People are off for the holidays, and almost every cube is deserted. With all my coworkers gone and many tasks put on hold, this seems like a great time to get into some crochet. For inspiration, I turned to Tracy Lord's new book...
    Posted to Inside Interweave Crochet by RachelKoon on Dec 24, 2014
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  • Make it! Quick, Like a Bunny!

    The Make it! Crochet issue is now available for purchase or download! It’s a great selection of carefully-chosen projects that are quick to work up and suitable for a new crocheter to tackle—in a hurry! It may not surprise you to hear that I just happen to be in a hurry. Only two days left...
    Posted to Inside Interweave Crochet by Sarah Read on Dec 23, 2014
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  • Choose Your Own Crochet Adventure

    When I was young, choose your own adventure novels were very popular. I admit I read several, but I never really fell in love with the genre. I died a lot. But I might have gotten hooked if there had been yarn involved. Crochet projects are a lot like choose your own adventure novels. First you pick...
    Posted to Crochet Daily by Toni Rexroat on Dec 22, 2014
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  • How do I figure out a stitch by looking at an image?

    For some odd reason, yesterday I've been highly interested in Shoulder-less (or Off the Shoulder) Sweaters. I went looking up images on some, not many were found but I did find this one image that caught my interest. I trailed it back to this website: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sweaters-2014...
    Posted to How do I? by LazyMe10 on Dec 19, 2014
  • Size Hook Help for a certain type of yarn

    Hello there, today I just recently got a lot of this very nice yarn from a lot of things on a lawn outside of an apartment complex. (Well the owners of an apartment got evicted and just threw there things on the lawn so me & others looted things.) This very nice lady who found a comforter page full...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! by LazyMe10 on Dec 19, 2014
  • Try One of These Crochet Techniques

    This is a season of celebration for many; a time to gather with friends and family and to finally share with them the crochet gifts we have spent so many hours making. Woven Twigs Cowl by Dora Ohrenstein But even after all of those hours of last minute crocheting, I will always crave a little more crochet...
    Posted to Crochet Daily by Toni Rexroat on Dec 18, 2014
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  • A Most Excellent Last-Minute, One-Size-Fits-All Crochet Pattern

    Still have a couple of gifts left on your list? We're here to help! The Riff Cowl by Jill Wright (from the 2014 issue of Crochetscene ) is an excellent way to turn stash yarn into a gift, lickety-split. As shown in the magazine , the cowl is an extravagant 84 inches in circumference. This is, indeed...
    Posted to Crochet Patterns in Progress by Marcy Smith on Dec 15, 2014
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  • Re: My favourite crochet books

    Such a great idea! Never thought about the library holding a class. I want to teach crochet at Joann's but right now we already have a crochet teacher. So I will only teach if she can't be there. By the way if anyone lived in Southern Maryland area we are looking for an instructor in sewing and...
    Posted to Crochet Books by KarenRC on Dec 11, 2014
  • Re: My favourite crochet books

    Hi Meg! I have 2 N Hooks. They are also different and one is Susan Bates and the other is a Boye. I grabbed the N and then seeing the other larger one I thought for sure it was a P. The Boye is N-9.00MM and the Susan Bates is US N15/10.00mm. I believe these are both US hooks. I was so used to these from...
    Posted to Crochet Books by KarenRC on Dec 11, 2014
  • How to Crochet the Half-Hitch Half Double Crochet

    For a stitch nerd, getting to meet a new stitch is pretty much the height of excitement. The fresh opportunities! Enticing new textures! And when the new stitch is a variation on your favorite stitch? It’s go time. In the Winter 2015 issue of Interweave Crochet (available here!) , we focus our...
    Posted to Inside Interweave Crochet by Sarah Read on Dec 11, 2014
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  • I'm stuck! Can someone please help?

    I have been working on the same 3 rows for over a week. The pattern is Celestial Trio of Angels and I'm trying desperately to have it finished this week for my grandmother. I don't understand rows 10-11. I spent so much time crocheting and frogging that i had to start over because the thread...
    Posted to I Need Crochet Help! by donna123456789 on Nov 20, 2014
  • Looking for a pattern

    I see a beanie in an Interweave Crochet magazine that I like but there is no pattern. It's in the Spring 2013 issue on page 96 and this page says "Crochet It Forward" at the top. Can anyone tell me where to find the pattern for it? Thanks.
    Posted to Where can I find? by joybear77 on Nov 7, 2014
  • Help Finding What the Name of this Stitch Is

    Hello, I'm not sure if im posting this in the right spot but I am looking for something. Today while I was at Michaels's buying some supplies I need and looking at the yarn I couldn't buy at the moment, there was this pattern I saw hanging from where the brand of the yarn was. I asked someone...
    Posted to Where can I find? by LazyMe10 on Oct 10, 2014
  • "Just to be Cute" Slouchy Beanie

    Author Kathy Lashley Introduction Here's a great hat to wear for no other reason than "Just to be Cute". It's lightweight and fairly quick to work up. The Pattern http://www.elkstudiohandcraftedcrochetdesigns.com/2014/09/02/just-to-be-cute-slouchy-beanie/
    Posted to Free Member Patterns by ELK Studio - Handcrafted Crochet Designs on Sep 3, 2014
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  • Sick Sock Monkey Free Patterns

    this whole pattern set is now available for free, the wheelchair, the monkey and the IV Drip pole are all linked inside this pattern Stop by my facebook page Amigurumi Freely for more free daily pattern postings!
    Posted to Member Photo Gallery by Sharon Ojala on Mar 23, 2014
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  • "Miranda" Adult Slouch Hat Pattern

    Author Lorene Eppolite Introduction Adult slouch hat pattern made in puff stitch with front post double crochet and crab stitch edging. Pre-teen size also available on blog. Intermediate pattern can easily be changed to suit a beginner, instructions included in pattern. Materials List Any worsted weight...
    Posted to Free Member Patterns by cre8tioncrochet on Jan 1, 2013
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  • Crochet Pattern Newborn to Adult Beanie

    Pattern is from my blog http://www.crochetdreamz.blogspot.com The pattern is written to include all sizes.
    Posted to Member Photo Gallery by crochetmagic on Oct 3, 2011
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  • Baby Raindrop Boots Crochet Pattern 18

    Illustrated step by step instructions in PDF file includes tutorials and tips. Sizes birth to 12 mo. Written in American English crochet terms with British English conversion chart. Crochet Pattern #18. Crochet pattern for baby rain boots in a raindrop texture pattern. Booties feature bumper around bottom...
    Posted to Member Photo Gallery by Genevive on Feb 18, 2011
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  • 10 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

    Corrections: Off the Grid Scarf : Row 3: Ch 6 (counts as dc, ch 3) sk first st, dc in next sc, *ch 3, sk 3 ch, dc in next sc; rep from * to end, turn.
    Posted to Free Crochet Patterns by AmyPalmer on Mar 29, 2010
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  • "Princess Crown"

    Author Beloved Woman Introduction A Fabulously Decorative "Crown" for your next Gala or Holiday Party! This beautiful hat works up wonderfully in any of the regular and/or metallic crochet threads, however you must use at least four balls in order to get the 4 ply thickness that will enable...
    Posted to Free Member Patterns by Beloved Woman on Apr 11, 2009
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