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  • Finished Crochet Hedgehog

    Look at this cute guy i made! he's only about 2 inches tall and sits nicely on my work desk : o)
    Posted to FO Show Off by KatieHomles on Aug 16, 2013
  • Adult Bulky Hat

    The Pattern Full pattern can be found at Swirls and Sprinkles .
    Posted to Free Member Patterns by Swirls and Sprinkles on Feb 6, 2013
    Filed under: pattern, hat, homespun, crochet, easy, simple, cute, free, teen, adult, bulky, Swirls and Sprinkles
  • Amigurumi Takkun Cat

    Baby black cat from FLCL Takkun Check out my etsy!
    Posted to Member Photo Gallery by oni4219 on Feb 2, 2013
    Filed under: crochet, cute, cat, amigurimi, anime, kitty, cartoon, takkun, kitten, flcl, craft
  • Amigurumi Heart Elephant

    Author AnneMarie Merchant Introduction I designed this pattern after watching a Martha Stewart Valentines Day Special. This cute little elephant works up really quick and can be customized to your liking. Materials List Size H Crochet Hook 1/4 skein of 4-ply Worested Weight yarn in main color 1/8 skein...
    Posted to Free Member Patterns by annieplayground1 on Feb 23, 2011
    Filed under: amigurumi, toy, crochet, cute, heart, girly, stuffie, worested weight, toddler, elephant
  • Amigurumi Baby Owls

    These sleepy-eyed sweeties are looking for a place to roost. Make one or make an entire parliament! Pattern ==> http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amigurumi-baby-owls
    Posted to Member Photo Gallery by The Itsy Bitsy Spider on Nov 13, 2010
    Filed under: amigurumi, cute, pattern, owl, plush
  • Amigurumi Piggie Holiday Ornament

    This little piggie cried "wee wee wee," all the way to the Christmas Tree! Pattern ==> http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amigurumi-piggie-holiday-ornament
    Posted to Member Photo Gallery by The Itsy Bitsy Spider on Nov 13, 2010
    Filed under: amigurumi, cute, pattern, Christmas, holiday, ornament, tree, pig, gift
  • Amigurumi Mallard

    My two-year old daughter just loves ducks and this tiny mallard was designed with her in mind. He stands about 3 inches tall and was made with 100% acrylic yarn. I submitted him for the 2012 amigurumi calendar contest. Wish him luck!
    Posted to Member Photo Gallery by The Itsy Bitsy Spider on Nov 1, 2010
    Filed under: amigurumi, cute, toy, plushie, children, kids, crochet me 2012 amigurumi calendar, amigurumi contest, plush, duck
  • Re: Amigurumi Crochet Blog about Human Dolls

    This cute free pattern I translated into English. Many people used this pattern already to make very cute kittens. Click here for the free crochet pattern.
    Posted to Crochet Blogs by kandjdolls on Apr 16, 2010
  • Amigurumi Squirrel Pattern

    Author Sara Duggan aka Momwithahook Introduction Updated 4-8-2008 I'm pretty new to crochet toys so this is my first written pattern for the ones I do make. I've been into an animal fetish lately and this is just one of the animals I am in love with. I made this squirrel from a picture I found...
    Posted to Free Member Patterns by momwithahook on Nov 20, 2007
    Filed under: General, 4 - Medium, Synthetic, amigurumi, pattern, toy, crochet, cute, nature, kawaii, squirrel, Toys & Games
  • PlanetJune

    My blog includes free crochet patterns and tutorials, my adventures in crochet and other crafts, and pictures of my latest amigurumi designs: www.planetjune.com/blog
    Posted to Crochet Blogs by planetjune on Sep 26, 2007
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