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Born and raised in NYC, I love making things with my hands! Little things that make me smile and can fit in my pocket. Every day I wear at least some yellow or orange. I graduated from Smith College in 2005 with a BA in studio art (installation sculpture) and a minor in women studies (asian Women of Color) and credit family and friends for my passion for hand craft.

I have always either painted, sketched, sculpted, printed, sewed and crafted in some way since before I can remember. However, with the help of how-to books, I taught myself to crochet about 5 years ago. The very first time I sold any of my handmade crafts was during the summer of 2007 when I was an apprentice at Bread & Puppet Theater (large scale street theater) & made funky finger puppets with found buttons and the yarn I had on hand to sell on the “cheap art bus.” They’re fun to make and make people smile!

Tako Kids is the combination of my love of making cute little toys & finger puppets and everything JAPANESE. I got the chance to go to Japan as an exchange student during my study abroad year at Smith College (2003-2004). Clearly i loved it! Everything is cute – EVERYTHING. Toys, food, clothes, paper stationary and really anything you can think of. I was in heaven! Tako Kids combines crochet craft with the uber cute, something the Japanese know a lot about. The super cute/kawaii is really about making people happy and go “awwwww!”

d.s.lookkin: Though d.s.lookkin was created before Tako Kids, finger puppets have always been at the center of my crochet world – even the iPhone Cases are inspired by them. I think maybe it’s because a finger puppet often gets the label of having a single purpose…which has to be silliness. They can be educational but really it’s about having fun and valuing imagination and creativity.

Other days of the week you can find me singing/performing/dancing like crazy with Rev. Billy & The Life After Shopping Gospel Choir.